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Bookeye 5 V2 Professional Book Scanners

The 5th Generation of the Bookeye Book Scanners

Bookeye V2 Professional Book Scanner Kiosk edition

Available in Kiosk, Pro, Archive and Automated Glass Plate Editions

The Bookeye 5
V2 Book Scanner for Professionals

Using dual CCD Line sensors, this scanner captures 22,500 pixels, the equivalent of a 500 Mega pixel camera, (if such a camera existed)
  • Color overhead book scanner
  • 21" Touchscreen Monitor
  • Scans documents up to 18" x 24.4"
  • 400 dpi (upgradeable to 600 dpi)
  • 1.1 Sec. for A2+ Scan @ 200 dpi
  • 21" Touchscreen Monitor
  • Dual Line CCD Sensors
  • FREE ScanWizard scanning software included with every bundle
  • FREE Dust Cover, exclusively from ScanTastik.
  • Automatic book fold correction
  • Automatic fingerprint removal
  • Automatic crop and deskew
  • Standalone with internal PC (included)
  • Gigabit TCP/IP Network Interface
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Bookeye 5 V2 Book Scanner

A stand alone, overhead Book Scanner

In libraries, archives and other public institutions, the Bookeye 5 V2 Book Scanner is often found as an integral part of the infrastructure. Through the freely configurable touchscreen, the user interface of the scanner can be precisely matched to the requirements of the customers (and to their corporate identity).

The Bookeye 5 V2 Overhead Book Scanner is best used for:

  • Preserving books and sensitive historical documents
  • Scan newspapers, periodicals, catalogs and magazines
  • Scan and store images to mobile devices with Scan2Pad®

Five V2 Editions are available: Basic, Kiosk, Professional, Archive and Automatic:

  • Basic- The entry level model offers the same scanning functionality and speed as the other levels at the lowest possible cost.
  • Kiosk- This model includes all of the features of the Basic model plus the Scan2Pad application for scanning and operation with any mobile device, foot switch and Full Coverage Warranty.
  • Professional- This model includes all of the features of the Basic model, but has a higher resolution of 600 dpi and client interface for 3rd party software to meet the highest quality standards. Also includes a foot switch and Full Coverage Warranty.
  • Archive-Our most versatile model, this has a V shaped glass to protect and align pages for scanning and the option for an interchangeable flat glass as well. It also includes a foot switch, 600 dpi and Full Coverage Warranty.
  • Automatic- This model includes all of the features of the PRO model and includes a motor driven V shaped glass to protect and align pages for scanning. It also includes a foot switch and Full Coverage Warranty.
Bookeye ScanWizard Software (included)
Imaging Functions
  • Automatic Focus and Exposure Controls
  • Automatic Cropping with Page Masking
  • Automatic Border Recognition and Removal
  • Automatic Despeckle and Deskew Functions
  • Automatic Finger Removal
  • Automatic Book Channel Compensation
  • Automatic Document Rotation or Mirror
  • Automatic Page Splitting
  • Book Fan Removal (no side page edges showing)
  • Black Border Removal
  • Punch Hole Removal
  • Virtual Rescan with Real Time Image Editing
  • Scan up to 400 DPI upgradeable to 600 DPI
  • Anti-reflection Mode for glossy documents
  • Scan modes: Fast,High Quality and Anti-reflective
  • Real Time Image Enhancement: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness
  • Color Removal
  • Color (8-bit/24-bit), Grayscale, Bitonal, Halftone, Inverted
  • ICC Profiles are supported and can be embedded in file
  • Color Space: Native, RGB, Adobe RGB
  • OCR for single and multipage scanned documents.
  • Multiple file format outputs
  • Many more features
21 Inch Touch Screen with Live Preview
21 inch live view

An integrated 21" Touchscreen allows the operator to control image quality and make real time edits before saving the image (Color,brightness, contrast, etc.) Scanned images can be output to USB, eMail, network, printer or on a mobile device like an iPad or Android tablet.

Unique Book Cradle
v shape book cradle close-up

The unique magnetically coupled book cradle solution allows users to digitize books and documents A2+ in size, by either laying them flat on the scanning bed at 180°or in the V-cradle, at an angle of 120° for gentle, protective handling of the source material. The two sides of the cradle are magnetically coupled so that the book fold can be moved easily in the center for optimal scan results.

Note the 3 gray buttons located on the front/center of the cradle. This allows for easy reach scanning as pages are being turned or held down. The buttons are Start, Scan and Send.

Features & Functions
  • Dual Line CCD sensors
  • Scan documents up to 18" x 24.4"
  • 400 dpi resolution (upgradeable to 600 dpi )
  • 0.8 Sec. for A3+ Scan @ 150 dpi
  • LASER assisted Book fold correction (channel)
  • Gigabit TCP/IP Network Interface
  • Standalone device with its own Linux PC
  • Scan2USB -Walk up Scanning to any USB device via USB 3.0
  • Scan2Print -send to networked printers
  • Scan2Network -Output to network resources, SMB, FTP, Cloud
  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, and more
  • LED lamps, no warm up, IR/UV free
  • Large color 21" touchscreen for scan QC
  • User interface configurable in many languages
  • Virus resistant Linux OS
  • OS independent, runs with Windows, Linux, Mac
  • ScanWizard uses any browser: IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Firmware updates via web interface
  • USB 3.0 Port on front to scan to flash drives, etc.
  • Most Bundles include 12 months Full Coverage Warranty
  • A 2 year, Parts Only warranty is always included

Free Dust Cover

Exclusively from ScanTastik.
Bookeye dust cover

Included free with your Bookeye V2 Kiosk or higher purchase from ScanTastik is a black dust cover to protect your scanner from dust accumulating on the base plates. Free with your V2 Kiosk or higher purchase!

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