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paperstream scanning software

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PaperStream Capture provides a digital on-ramp for businesses. This in-box software builds on the powerful PaperStream IP TWAIN and ISIS drivers to deliver the best image quality in a small file size. The user-friendly interface, with its simple icons and intuitive navigation, decreases operator training times. Easy-to-use profile flexibility gets the documents to the right location in the correct file format without changing existing workflows. PaperStream Capture is the perfect front-end software for your document capture workflows.

PaperStream Capture Pro is an advanced version of the PaperStream Capture.
Information and pricing on the Pro version is here.

Latest Enhancements:
  1. Right-Click Ad Hoc Scanning - Simply right-click on your mouse to scan one-off documents. This allows a quick and easy way for users to bypass the QA/Indexing process in order to scan and save a document with file-type and destination options.
  2. Data collection - Detailed data collecting for monitoring performance for scan stations, indexing usage, and batch releases. This enables employees and managers to balance workloads, measure performance, and be pro-active on scanner maintenance.
  3. UI enhancements - All-In-One view shows your scanned documents, with the ability to re-scan or perform After Scan Correction, and indexing all on one screen. No need to toggle back and forth between screens. This reduces the number of clicks for single station environments, therefore saving users time and improving efficiency.
  4. OCR performance enhancements - Improved OCR accuracy using PaperStream Capture Pro’s character masking and field value metadata. Users can now access settings to improve OCR accuracy.
  5. Additional usability enhancements:
    a. PDF import behavior
    b. Keyboard shortcuts
    c. Hot key assignment
    d. Batch release status
Profile Scanning

Click on the profile icon for batch and ad hoc scanning. Clone, modify, or create new profiles with a clear, step-by-step interface. Setup single button scanning and release options. Included in the box, PaperStream Capture makes document workflow easier.

PaperStream Profiles
Standard File Outputs:

Scan to PDF, PDF/A, PDF with OCR, TIFF Group 4, Multipage TIFF, JPEG, JBIG with a single click.

Preset Scanning Profiles

Built-in Black and White, Color, and Auto-Color profiles to save time.

Automatic Image Quality Check

Batches automatically mark multi-feeds, blank pages, and document edge issues for fast quality control.

Image Quality Review

Detailed thumbnails and zoom allow for quick quality review.

Review Image thumbnails

Pause and resume batches to handle document scanning interruptions.

SCA Profile Integration

Deploy fleet updates and profiles using Fujitsu's free Scanner Central Admin.

Assisted Scan Integration

Use PaperStream IP integrated Assisted Scan Integration for quick rescan and powerful image clean up.

assisted scanning window
Document Separation

Separate documents with barcodes and/or patch codes.

Batch separation software
  • File or Folder Naming -Read a barcode to name a file or folder for fast file organization.
  • Release File Naming -Name scanned files at release for ad hoc batches.
  • Barcode Support -Read 1D barcodes: UPC-A/EAN/JAN, Code 3 of 9, Code 128, Codabar (NW7), ITF. (Departmental scanners (fi-7180) and above support 2D barcodes, PDF417, QR Code, and Data Matrix.)
  • Selectable Batch Icons -Personalize batch icons for easy work-flow recognition.
  • Profile Lock Administrator can lock profiles to maintain scanning consistency.

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