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ScanSnap iX1600 scanner

The ScanSnap iX1600 Document Scanner

scan snap iX1600
White Model
40 ppm/80 ipm
50 Page ADF

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Fujitsu scansap iX1600 scanner
White Model

One Year Depot Repair Warranty

scan snap iX1600 black model
Black Model

(Same Features)

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Fujitsu scansap iX1600 scanner
Black Model

One Year Depot Repair Warranty
The most popular desktop scanner for home users just got better.

The iX1600 is the all-in-one document-management solution leading the industry in efficiency and flexibility, easing your transition from physical paper to digital data. It lets you digitize and organize all your documents with one touch and enjoy all the benefits you’d expect from ScanSnap within the fastest possible times.

  • 40 pages per minute, 80 images per minute in Color or Black-White
  • 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder
  • Scan wirelessly to PC, Mac, iOS or Android mobile devices

This model is NOT TWAIN or ISIS Driver COMPATIBLE....this means you must use the software that comes with it and only that software. Other software programs on your PC will not detect the scanner or be able to use it. Also, this model is NOT Microsoft Surface Pro compatible OR any model Chromebook compatible.

Fujitsu was purchased by Ricoh on 4/1/23. All Fujitsu products have been rebranded as Ricoh. Fujitsu will still manufacture the scanners for Ricoh. More Details Here

Scansnap iX1600 Scanner

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Digitize Paper at the Touch of a Button

Achieving organization with the ScanSnap ix1600 starts with the touch of a single button and ends with a host of productivity features that keep you ahead of the stack.

Ultra-fast setup

Scanners should make your life easier, not slow you down. With the iX1600, setup is so simple you’ll be converting papers into digital files in no time. Once setup is done, simply open the lid and the scanner powers up—it’s ready to go.

Maximum productivity

The large ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) holds up to 50 sheets, freeing you from the tedious job of manually inputting individual pages. It scans at a fast 40 pages per minute—that’s 33% faster than its predecessor—and the two-sided (duplex) scanning feature will have you digitizing paperwork in half the time.

PC-free scanning

Wherever there’s Wi-Fi, ScanSnap Cloud functionality automatically recognizes up to four different document types and scans them to your predefined Cloud storage locations. Even with no PC, ScanSnap Cloud will conduct image processing and optimization along the way. Simply place the scanner in the most convenient location and scan away. (ScanSnap Cloud is NOT for storage, only for image processing, afterwhich the image is uploaded to your designated Cloud service.)

Flexible and intuitive 4.3" Touch Screen

On its 4.3” LCD touch screen, every task can be done with one touch. In fact, the iX1600 intelligently adapts to your preferences and continues to evolve around your needs. The more you use it, the better it works for you.

No need to prep and sort—its streamlined scanning process lets you scan batches of different document types so lengthy chores become quick, enjoyable jobs.

ScanSnap iX1600 scanner
Scan anytime

Use the iX1600 anywhere there’s Wi-Fi. No need for a PC. If Wi-Fi becomes restricted or unavailable, you’re covered. This scanner has a secure USB connection, too.

Make it your own

The touch screen can be customized so it works at a glance. Personalize icons for function and user—and color code them, too—for up to five people.

Scan anywhere

Pre-defined profile buttons automatically create the file type and save it to your preferred destination—even in the Cloud.

  • Scan PC-free to selected destinations
  • Scan to any mobile device using ScanSnap Connect App
  • Scan directly to email, printer, iPhoto, or any folder in ScanSnap Home
  • Scan to your favorite Cloud platform including Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more
Built-in functionality

Quickly and easily convert the papers you have into the applications you use with preprogrammed scans, and instantly create the type of file you want—searchable PDFs, and editable Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files. You can also extract data from receipts and business cards.

Industry-leading reliability

Using professional grade feeding technology and ultrasonic sensors, the iX1600 handles multi-page documents with ease. And you can set an alert to tell you if two or more pages are fed through the scanner at once—to make sure no page gets lost.

Hassle-free receipt scanning

Effortlessly scan small documents (think receipts and business cards) with the Receipt Guide. It dramatically simplifies document loading and saves you time otherwise spent prepping and feeding.

Quick Menu for instant file creation

Using a PC or Mac, you can activate the Quick Menu function to scan first and decide later where to send your documents. (It comes in handy for ad-hoc scanning.) You’ll find most of the applications you know and use in ScanSnap Home, and you can always add more.

Flexibility at your fingertips

For small teams, the ability to share a single device among five users will be a game-changer for your productivity. Each can have their own set of color-coded scanning profile buttons. Wi-Fi or USB provide flexible deployment options, or you can scan a PDF directly to your mobile device via Wi-Fi in Direct Connect Mode.

Automated operation

A host of intelligent image processing functions are done for you, so you can scan confidently without adjusting settings:

  • Automatic Color Detection
  • Blank Page Removal
  • Automatic De-Skew and Rotation
  • Automatic Size Detection
ScanSnap Home Software makes paperwork effortless

This all-in-one software brings together all your favorite functions to help you power through your scanning in no time. Easily manage, edit, and utilize scanned data from documents, receipts, business cards, photos, and more. Documents are recognized and grouped by document type (receipts, photographs, business cards, etc.) while folders, tags, and keywords allow you to easily organize, search, and find information.

For more information about ScanSnap Home Software, visit Fujitsu's website.

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