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The Kodak i5850 scanner

Beyond smart lies brilliant: a revolution in document imaging intelligence, only from Kodak

This scanner has NO limit on it's daily duty cycle.

The "hopper" holds 750 pages

B/W, Color, 11"x17"

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TAA Compliant model also available.

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kodak 1615962
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Kodak i5850 scanner

Scanning Speeds:
210 ppm 420 ipm

(Landscape: Color, 300 dpi)

The Kodak i5000 series do NOT come with software to run the scanner, only drivers. If you need software to run the scanner directly, please review the Capture Pro software section in Accessories.

The Kodak i5850 Scanner

The Kodak i5000 Series Scanners were created to triumph over the many processing challenges faced by digital mail rooms, multinational financial and insurance services firms, manufacturing organizations, government entities, and others that process huge volumes of documents containing diverse varieties of information.

We've designed the i5850 Scanner with greater capability and versatility to help meet demanding business goals. Image addressing to read patch codes, Intelligent Document Protection (IDP) to safeguard valuable documents, and a rear post-scan printer. A customizable, intelligent, ergonomically correct production scanner, the i5850 features Kodak Dynamic Flow Technology. This advanced digital architecture delivers optimized memory allocation and processing paths. Now you can work smarter with breakthrough solutions from Kodak Alaris, the high-volume market leader.

Watch the 4 Minute Video by Kodak's Dr. Scanner
Many of the key features are shown.
The Kodak i5850 scanner

A) Finds the fastest way to scan, perform imaging functions, and extract data.

B) Image addressing (IA) detects and reads patch codes on documents before being scanned to expedite batching
Kodak i5850 scanner

No lag, full-rated speed of 210
 ppm with all imaging features enabled

Worry-free, consistent image quality
Kodak i5850 scanner

Kodak’s Perfect Page Technology makes adjusting scanner settings a thing of the past.

Perfect Page image processing provides exceptional scans and images time after time, even from less-than-perfect documents, reducing the need for rescans and post-image processing.
Streak Filtering corrects for real-world conditions you can’t control, such as dust.

Raise the pedastal for direct input from a standing position.

Single component, touchscreen panel efficiency

Make repeated and complex functions one-button easy – simplify tasks, according to common job orders, with programmable function keys to minimize human interaction while improving accuracy and processing times.

Wide-angle viewing with two ergonomically correct positions with a vibrant, full-color touch screen.

Kodak i5850 scanner touch panel
More efficiency, less downtime
  • With FIVE (5) Ultrasonic double feed detection zones the i5850
    reliably detects double feeds so you won’t lose an image.
  • Maintains full rated speed with valuable features like Auto Orientation, Auto Crop, and Skew Detection enabled. Similar features can slow non-Kodak scanners by as much as 59 percent.**
    **Based on benchmark testing conducted by Kodak.
  • SurePath Paper Handling delivers advanced feeding and stacking functions for increased performance and reduced prep time.
  • Meets real-world needs with virtually jam free operation for practically any document in any condition.
  • Controlled Stacking neatly aligns stacks in the same order you put them in.
  • Automatic 750-sheet elevator design; automatic document feeder with four settings: continuous feed,
    100-sheet, 250-sheet, 500-sheet and full 750-sheet batches

Even more advanced features:

  • Document prep and handling times reduced greatly as i5850 Scanner handles very mixed/diverse batches flawlessly
  • Programmable function keys eliminate repeated set-ups of complex tasks and make scanning "one-button easy"
  • Document damage from staples, multifeeds, and jams avoided thanks to new IDP feature
  • Image files for each document can be separated into groups by foldering or into one electronic document with ease – per client preference – thanks to the image addressing feature
  • Rear printer adds versatility to operations and streamlines operations as there is no need to change driver settings when switching between front and rear printer
  • Work stoppages reduced markedly, resulting in greater uptime and higher throughput
  • Optional Kodak Controlled Dual Stacking Accessory automatically separates patch sheets, images checks and correspondence in a single step – so you can re-use sheets and gain other productive advantages

A complete solution from a single, trusted source

  • Hardware - One scanner to handle almost any size, thickness or quality.
  • Service and Support - World-class service for both Kodak and non-Kodak products. Response time in four hours or less when necessary.

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