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Kodak Info Input Solution

The purpose of Kodak's Info Input Solution is to work as a "Front End" to gather documents (and their data) to import into YOUR document management system. From email attachments, scanned paper, mobile uploads, or any other way documents enter your organization Info Input can process these into your system. Info Input can do OCR, ICR, OMR, Bar Codes, Document Type recognition and more. Info Input works with the five largest AI programs including Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Kodak info input solution diagram
An automated workplace starts here

Kodak Info Input Solution is intelligent document processing (IDP) software that automates and simplifies the journey from document arrival to data processing—quickly, accurately, and reliably. Simplify document onboarding processes, harmonize data across departments, and scale your business faster with IDP automation that makes sense.

  • Improve the speed, accuracy, and consistency of document-centric business processes
  • Enable fast and sustainable growth with the most flexible and scalable IDP automation solution on the market
  • Reduce risk and gain a competitive advantage with reliable automation and intelligent integrations
  • Save time on exception handling and review processes via remarkably accurate classification and data extraction automation

Integrate industry-leading AI into your document processes.

Kodak Info Input Solution is award-winning intelligent document processing software that makes it easy to onboard documents of any complexity, from any source. Whether it’s email attachments, scanned paper, mobile uploads, or any other way documents enter your organization, Info Input Solution automatically transforms your data into business-critical information.

Info Input Solution enables simple and intuitive administration from a single location, giving all users easy web-based access to pre-configured and automated processes.

Info Input Solution can replace the Kodak Capture Pro software. It runs in a browser based environment. The software has a similar look and feel to the Kodak Capture Pro software interface.

A new level of convenience and automated productivity
  • Intuitive, customizable user interface requires minimal training for rapid time-to-value
  • Easily configurable for specific business needs—no coding background required
  • Access the web-based software from anywhere, using any browser or device
  • Data entry screens mirror your documents for simplified real-time validation
  • Automatically classify, extract, index, and validate data with extremely high precision
  • Maintain focus with embedded IDP directly within applications like Salesforce
  • Enforce the same business rules for digital and physical documents
  • Limitless integrations into line-of-business applications and cloud AI engines

The benefits of using Info Input Solution for IDP extend across industries like healthcare, financial services, government, insurance, human resources, accounting & audit, education, and legal.

Open Intelligence™ and integrations
Info Input AI Integration

Right out of the box, Info Input Solution integrates with the world’s most powerful and advanced document AI technology from the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, so you’ll always be up to date with the latest generation of machine intelligence, automatically.

  • Deliver solutions faster with less data and human effort.
  • Out-of-the-box simplicity: No need to train the software on each document type or build an initial knowledge base.
  • Save up to 85% per page processed vs. software that has built-in proprietary AI.
Easy to deploy and manage (seriously!)

Info Input Solution is deployed centrally via web browser, so you’ll have consistent job setup and configuration across any platform or device—and limitless integrations with your ECM, ERP, EHR, CRM, and other business workflow solutions.

  • One server can support thousands of users and process billions of pages, including at high-speed scanning rates of more than 200 pages per minute.
  • Linux support provides added flexibility with costs and infrastructure; Microsoft operating systems and databases are supported but not required.
  • Maintain productivity if web connection is interrupted: Info Input Solution securely stores documents locally for 24 hours.
The most flexible and scalable IDP automation solution on the market

Enable fast and sustainable business growth with intelligent automation software that’s easy to manage and even easier to use.

  • Eliminate delays and wait times by automatically extracting key data from documents via bar code, OCR, ICR, and OMR—no templates needed, and no page limits for basic extraction.
  • Industry-leading licensing flexibility: Choose perpetual or subscription, and always concurrent to keep costs down.
  • A single install serves and grows with the entire business--from a single department to complex, high-volume enterprises.
  • The ability to correct audit-flagged errors on the spot or bypass while navigating and correct later
  • Drop-down lists to facilitate specific value data entry
  • Drag-and-drop OCR for easy, accurate entry of longer data fields such as addresses
  • Zoom zones to focus in on the portion of the image that contains key data
  • Data capture from any page in a multi-page document
Embedded IDP in your everyday applications
  • Employees stay focused and productive by minimizing application switching with simple one-touch scanning and intelligent information processing directly in the applications people use most, like Salesforce.
  • Beyond document scanning: Easily drag and drop files from anywhere on your computer to attach information to an account, folder, or project.
Info Input SalesForce Integration Embed Info Input directly into core applications such as Salesforce
Strong security for regulatory compliance
  • Confidential information blanking (redaction).
  • User profiles for job-access security and data-integrity protection—with individual user and group identification
  • Grant privileges by individual feature or category
  • Retain batches after output for reprocessing as needed
  • Index auditing to prevent output processing if indexing is incomplete or incorrect
  • Digital signatures, to indicate whether images have been altered

Capture Pro Software is available in both stand alone and Network Editions with client seats. Please call ScanTastik for more details on the Capture Pro Network Edition

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