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Kodak Capture Pro Software

Kodak Perfect Page Features

Kodak Capture Pro Software Supports Kodak as well as other brand's scanner models with TWAIN drivers.

  • ALL Kodak "i" and "S" Series Scanners
  • Most previous models.

It's your information-make the most of it !

Recapture lost time and take command of your information with Kodak Capture Pro Software—a powerful capture application, uniquely designed to optimize the performance of Kodak Scanners. This flexible solution provides the automation and intelligence to help you capture information efficiently and accurately. And make it easily accessible throughout your organization in electronic form.

Capture Pro Software is available in both stand alone and Network Editions with client seats. Please call ScanTastik for more details on the Capture Pro Network Edition

Enhance productivity and reduce costs

To optimize capture workflow within your Kodak scanning environment, Kodak Capture Pro Software provides automated scanning and indexing. It includes a wide range of advanced features and functions that make it easy to transform your paper into information. An intuitive user interface ensures ease of use (comprehensive online help and tutorials included).

In addition, Capture Pro includes many powerful post-scan editing tools to optimize document integrity. You’ll see enhanced worker productivity, thanks to electronic “flagging” of images in repetitive-task, post-scan editing.

A common user interface across all Kodak scanners makes Capture Pro easily scalable from desktop environments to full-scale batch production operations. You can really save big as scanning volumes grow—there are no volume-based click charges.

peson at desk photo

There are many informative videos on Capture Pro software and it's many features on Kodak's YouTube Channel.
Click here to open a new window at the channel to watch the videos on Kodak Capture Pro Software in action.

Kodak Capture Pro Download

You can request a download link of the Kodak Capture Pro demo here.
Note this is the demo of the FULL version, not the free desktop limited edition. Once the demo expires, you must license it or the demo will watermark the pages.

Kodak Capture Pro (free version) Download

Request a download link to the Kodak Capture Pro Limited Edition

You must fill out the form on Kodak's website and request a download link. You must have a Kodak Scanner and the serial number. The software will only work with Kodak scanners.

A new level of convenience and automated productivity

Kodak Capture Pro Software brings you automatic document and batch separation based on barcode, change in barcode value, patch code, page count, blank page and user-defined OCR zones (including MICR). It also provides full support of dual-stream scanning—standard on most Kodak Scanners. This support includes the ability to output color and black-and-white images in different file formats and to different storage locations.

Versatile post-scan processing

Boost productivity with Capture Pro’s background batch processing. It enables scanning to continue during processing. And automatic batch processing eliminates the need to manually start output processing, saving time and providing better output control. In addition, APIs are available to enable integrators or IT departments to customize the capture workflow to address your specific needs.

Intuitive, customizable interface
  • Toolbars and windows can be positioned in any way that best fits the requirements of each capture job
  • Batch/Document/Page Explorer, for a complete overview of batch content to enable easy navigation and efficient post-scan editing
  • Deletion of blank images—manual or automatic based on byte size or content. Store only what’s needed, with full control over unwanted image deletion
  • Job shortcuts that allow even novice users to perform complex capture operations at the touch of a button
Powerful Indexing
  • Index based on bar coding, including two-dimensional (2D) barcodes; zonal OCR, with data capture in over 100 languages; and MICR. Virtually unlimited number of index fields and characters
  • Output masking for all data types, enabling flexible data reformatting
  • Character substitution to automatically correct common OCR errors and remove unwanted characters
  • XML index file output for easy information exchange
monitor photo
  • The ability to correct audit-flagged errors on the spot or bypass while navigating and correct later
  • Drop-down lists to facilitate specific value data entry
  • Drag-and-drop OCR for easy, accurate entry of longer data fields such as addresses
  • Zoom zones to focus in on the portion of the image that contains key data
  • Data capture from any page in a multi-page document
Comprehensive output options
  • Selectively output either black-and-white and color images or black-and-white and grayscale images
  • Scan to traditional file formats including TIFF and JPEG plus comprehensive PDF options, including unlimited searchable PDFs (in any language, including Asian languages), PDF-A and compressed PDF (PDF-MRC) at no additional cost
  • Scan directly to e-mail as well as to a wide range of document management and content management applications
Strong security for regulatory compliance
  • Confidential information blanking (redaction).
  • User profiles for job-access security and data-integrity protection—with individual user and group identification
  • Grant privileges by individual feature or category
  • Retain batches after output for reprocessing as needed
  • Index auditing to prevent output processing if indexing is incomplete or incorrect
  • Digital signatures, to indicate whether images have been altered

Capture Pro Software is available in both stand alone and Network Editions with client seats. Please call ScanTastik for more details on the Capture Pro Network Edition

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