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The Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus scanner.
A network document scanner

scanstation 730EX Plus network scanner

Call it a walk-up command center for managing your business documents. Connect and scan directly to your network.

Kodak ScanStation 730ex Plus

70 ppm/140 ipm

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Out of stock until December 2019

Monthly leasing options available*

document scanner and free shipping

The "Plus" can also scan and send documents to a customer's fax machine.

This model includes ALL of the features of the ScanStation 710 and 730ex. The new 730EX Plus comes with a built-in fax modem so you can scan and fax directly to a fax machine. Another feature is that the 730EX Plus can scan directly to a Kofax Front Office Server.

Watch the 2 Minute video:


Information in. Problem resolution out.

Get more valuable information into your business systems faster by capturing your information at the edge of your processes. Kodak Scan Station 730EX Plus Scanners deliver powerful features and integrations for streamlined customization, and scanning by more people in more places. Turn business-critical data into decisions quickly and seamlessly with simple network setup and robust remote management.

Built to be Faster:
  • Scan up to 6,000 pages per day
  • Robust and versatile paper handling
  • Feeder tray holds up to 75 pages
  • Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection
  • Simplex, Duplex, Color, B/W, Grayscale.
  • Tiff, Jpeg, PDF, Searchable PDF and more.
Built to be Secure:
  • Enable or disable scanning to portable flash drives
  • User Authentication based upon standard Windows OS™ authentication
  • Transaction log tracks all usage by User
  • PDF private key encryption
  • Secure login via LDAP
Built to be easy to Use
  • Intuitive 10" touch screen operation
  • Blank Page Removal instantly reduces file size
  • Frequent job settings can be programmed for timesaving convenience
  • Easy to configure remotely
  • Kodak’s Perfect Page Scanning for great image quality—automatically
  • LDAP address lookup is compatible with your company directory
  • Files can be named according to your company standards
Built to be Office Friendly
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Integrated fax/modem—no need for a separate fax machine
  • Scan and send with one device—no additional hardware or software required
  • Ergonomically correct for standing or seated operation
  • Ideal for walk-up or dedicated use
User-Friendly Experience

Combine our bright, easy-to-navigate touchscreen, intuitive user controls, and administrator controlled functionality for a user experience that promises fewer mistakes and faster proficiency without the distraction of a separate PC. And Scan Station's quiet operation makes it office friendly.

70 pages per minute 140 images per minute in duplex mode (200 dpi)
with a 6,000 page daily duty cycle and 75 page feeder tray.
Information Management Made Easy

With increased ease of operation and improved file naming and security features, scanned content can be classified, organized, and searched by ad hoc users with minimal training while maintaining the degree of accessibility and security you've established.

Scan Station 710 front view

Scan Station 710

10/100/1000 Base T, no host PC required
Output Methods
  • Scan to network share
  • Scan to print
  • Scan to e-mail
  • Scan to portable USB drive
  • Scan to FTP, sFTP, FTPS (anonymous, authenticated, with proxy support)
  • Scan to Microsoft SharePoint (local)
  • Scan to fax server
  • Scan to fax modem
  • Scan to Kofax Front Office Server
Network Protocols
  • authenticated SMTP (login, plain text, CRAM, NTLM,
  • DHCP (or static IP),
  • Network Domain Authentication
File Format Outputs
  • Single and multipage TIFF
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • Text searchable PDF
  • Encrypted PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • RTF
  • Optional JPEG compressed TIFF
  • WAV audio files
Security Features
  • PDF Private Key Encryption
  • Optional password access
  • Controllable ability to scan to portable USB
  • Secure login via LDAP
  • Activity logging by Login ID
  • IP Port Blocking
Remote Administration
(Sys admin only)
  • Secure login with a customizable password
  • ability to create and manage lists of Scan Station 730ex Plus devices
  • group and easily classify managed devices
  • update the configuration and/or embedded software of one, some or all managed devices
  • view the status of managed devices
  • remotely access and manage the logs of a single managed device
  • restart or power on a single managed device
Control Panel
9.7 in. 1024x768
Touch screen LCD
Built-in microphone and speaker to record and play back Voice Attachment messages
Multifeed Detection
With ultrasonic technology
Scanning Technology
  • Duplex scanning with dual color quad-linear CCD
  • 600 dpi optical resolution
  • Capture bit depth is 30 bits (10 x 3)
  • Color output bit depth is 24 bits (8 x 3)
  • Grayscale output bit depth is 256 levels (8-bit)
Dual Fluorescent (cold cathode)
Output Resolution
75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
1200 dpi with flatbed accessory
Imaging Features
Perfect Page Scanning, deskew, autocrop, content-based blank page removal, automatic orientation, hole fill, edge fill, streak filter, color dropout.
Throughput Speeds
Black-and-white/grayscale/color: up to 70 ppm/140 ipm at 200 dpi
Up to 75 sheets of 75 g/m2 (20 lb.) paper.
Max. Document Size
(8.5 x 34 in.) – may be restricted at certain resolutions
Min. Document Size
Single-sheet feeding:( 2.0 x 2.5 in.)
Multiple-sheet feeding:
Multi-sheet feeding: 3 x 5 inches
Paper Thickness and Weight
52-413 g/m² (110 lb.) paper
ID cards up to 1.25 mm (0.05 in.) thick
Recommended Daily Volume
Up to 6,000 pages per day
Power Consumption
Standby: <4 Watts; Operating: <50 Watts
Environmental Factors
Operating temperature: 10-35° C (50-95° F);
Operating humidity: 10% to 85% RH
  • Weight: (23 lbs.)
  • Depth: (15 in.))
  • Width: (14.0 in.)
  • Height: (8.1 in.)
Accessories Available
  • Portable USB drives
  • KODAK Scan Station 730ex Plus Keyboard and Stand Accessory ($275 List)
  • KODAK A3 Flatbed Accessory (11x17")
  • KODAK A4 Flatbed Accessory (letter size)
Consumables Available
Feed Modules, Roller Cleaning Pads, Staticide Wipes
90 day exchange warranty
  • On rear panel: 4- USB 2.0 ports, one RJ45 10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet port, and one RJ11 telephone jack
  • On bezel: one USB 2.0 port

Kodak Flatbed Accessory
for your scanner

Kodak A3 size (12"x18") flatbed
for all the i2000, i3000 and i4000 Series

(only operates via tethered cable to a Kodak series scanner,
this is not a stand alone flatbed)

List Price
$ 1428.00

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$ 1199.00

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Kodak A4 size (8.5"x14") flatbed
for all the i2000, i3000 and i4000 Series

(only operates via tethered cable to a Kodak series scanner,
this is not a stand alone flatbed)

List Price
$ 495.00

Your Price
$ 449.00

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Kodak Warranties for the ScanStation 730EX Plus

Kodak Care Kit
Uplifts Send & Exchange warranty to 48 Hour Advance Unit Replacement (AUR) for the first 90 days and extends coverage an additonal 9 Months.
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Kodak Care Kit 3 Year
Uplifts Send & Exchange warranty to 48 Hour Advance Unit Replacement (AUR) for the first 90 days and extends coverage an additonal 33 Months.
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Kodak SS710, SS730EX Plus Series
Scanner Parts & Supplies



Kodak Feed Rollers & Separation Pads for ss700 Series Scanners Includes: 12 feed rollers and 1 pre-separation pad Usage: these tires are used on the separation module and feed module. They can last up to 200,000 pages on the separation module and up to 500,000 pages on the feed module. The pre-separation pad should be changed every other time you change the feed module, separation roller or change the tires.

These are the PARTS for the 2 Modules. You can change out the parts on the Module that comes with the scanner, or you can buy the whole module as listed below:
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Kodak Separation Module
for ss700 Series Scanners
Includes: 1 separation module
Usage: this module has the potential to scan up to 200,000 pages.
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Kodak Feed Module
for ss700 Series Scanners
Includes: 1 feed module
Usage: this module has the potential to scan up to 500,000 pages. cartridge.
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"As a network scanner, the Kodak Scan Station 710 can actually save money compared with slower, less expensive USB-connected models. For the same price ($2,495) you could buy a handful of typical personal desktop scanners. But get the Scan Station 710 and everyone in your office can enjoy the benefits of a 75-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) and a rated speed of 70 pages per minute (ppm), or 140 images per minute (ipm) for duplex (two-sided) originals. From that perspective, the Scan Station 710 might even be considered a bargain."

If you would like to read the rest of the PC Magazine Editors' Review,
the link is here.

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