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Equipment Financing through leasing

ScanTastik makes available leasing and finance programs for almost all types of equipment, including scanners, their warranties and software.

From $1,500 to $150,000, in 12,24,36,48 and even 60 Month terms.

Leasing is the smart way for a company to add income-producing equipment and upgrade technology because it allows capital expenditures to be spread across time with monthly payments. Leasing frees up capital for other business uses, offers potential tax savings and builds-in computer and software related upgrades in the future.

Download the credit application here. Complete the application, sign and fax the application to the number shown at the bottom of the application

The Advantages of Equipment Leasing

Leasing equipment may be an effective way to hold on to valuable cash and stay current with the latest technology upgrades. Leasing is a wise business decision and has become one of the fastest-growing methods of acquiring equipment today.

No Down Payments

With an equipment lease, there is no down payment. With a bank loan, a down payment of 10% to 20% of the equipment cost may be required upfront. An equipment lease typically requires a security deposit of two payments collected at the beginning.

Fixed Rate Financing

Leasing allows a company to acquire and utilize income producing equipment and technology with only a low monthly payment. Leasing provides the confidence of fixed rate financing and structured terms to accommodate the unique needs of each company. You know exactly what your payment will be every month.

Flexible Payment Options

All costs associated with a capital acquisition may be included in the lease pricing. These would include services, installation and sales tax.

Maximizes Financial Resources

Leasing is an added dimension to your company’s utilization of working capital. Company resources may be better allocated to extra marketing efforts or inventory fluctuations. Leasing frees up that capital to expand sales and profitability.

Avoid Equipment Obsolescence

Leasing is an extremely attractive option because it lets you upgrade computer hardware and software purchases to a state-of-the-art level.

Rapid Approval Process

The process of securing an equipment lease is far less complex and cumbersome compared to bank financing.

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Tailored Lease Programs

Each one of the following programs can be tailored to the needs of your business.
Small Ticket Lease Transactions
  • All we require is a credit application for leases in amounts up to $75,000.00
  • Under certain situations, we can extend credit with just an application up to $150,000.00
  • We can design a lease with delay or skip payments for cash flow fluctuations.
  • Documentation is fast and simple and we can generally email the same day.
  • Your vendor is paid promptly and their deposit requirements can be easily incorporated into the lease documentation.
Large Ticket Lease Transactions
  • Above $75,000.00, we appreciate one year of financial information along with a current year-to-date results.
  • Above $150,000.00, we generally ask for two years of information plus current year-to-date results.
  • Each transaction is evaluated to determine if information is necessary from the principals of a business.
  • Special structures are always available for unusual delivery or implementation requirements.

Lease Application Process

Step 1
Discuss your equipment leasing needs with one of ScanTastik's sales representatives who will then provide a quotation on the equipment that you are considering purchasing.
Step 2
ScanTastik will contact one of our leasing agents and provide them with a your quote and contact information.
Step 3
The leasing agent will contact you and provide an application for leasing
Step 4
After the application has been reviewed and approved, The Agent will send you the lease documents and a list of items needed from you to complete the lease transaction.
Step 5
Once the leasing agent receives all of the requested information, the lease is activated and ScanTastik ship's your equipment directly to you. Once you receive the equipment, the Leasing Agent releases the funds to ScanTastik.

Download the credit application here. Complete the application, sign and fax the application to the number shown at the bottom of the application.

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