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Kodak Capture Pro Software
Start Up Assistance

Kodak capture pro scanning software

What is Start Up Assistance (SUA) ?
What do I get with my Capture Pro Purchase ?


Kodak will provide Start Up Assistance to customers who purchase Kodak Capture Pro or Kodak Capture Pro Network Edition software. Kodak will provide the support as documented in this Statement of Work. The support shall be provided remotely by a Kodak representative.

Professional Services – Start Up Assistance
Kodak provides bundled services with each "Group"
of Capture Pro Software Pro Editions:

For Group A and Group B products:
Kodak will provide up to 1.0 hours of remote telephone assistance

For Group C, D, Dx, E, F, and G products:
Kodak will provide up to 3.0 hours of remote telephone assistance

For Capture Pro Network Edition software:
Kodak will provide up to 3.0 hours of remote telephone assistance for all server and Output Server Module products. Start Up Assistance is not offered for Network clients.
Items included in Start Up Assistance:
  • Kodak will provide remote support during the installation of the product.
  • A Kodak Technical Professional will be available during local business hours, excluding local holidays) to provide assistance. The Kodak professional will work with the customer to ensure that the customer is able to effectively install the Kodak Capture Pro Software. In order to provide the most efficient support, the customer may be asked to provide Kodak remote access to the PC or Server.
  • Kodak can assist with Product and Software Assurance registration.
  • Demonstrate how to select a pre-configured Job Type.
  • Demonstrate how to select a pre-configured page set up.
  • Overview of the functions (does not include detailed instructions as those details are available in the Operator Training program and the User Guide.)
  • Using the default Job Type, scan a single batch of documents to ensure that the software and scanner are functional.
  • Assistance with creating one (1) job setup.
Items NOT included in Start Up Assistance:
  • Training on the specific features and functionality of the software products. A separate training offering is available from Kodak.
  • The actual installation of the software.
  • Connections to external databases.
  • XML index file output for easy information exchange
  • Database connections (such as ODBC.)
  • Connection to a customer MS SharePoint database or any other software connection.
  • The setup of the customer’s SharePoint database.
  • Network fault analysis.
monitor photo
Additional Hours

If additional hours of professional service support are desired, the customer may purchase additional hours of time by purchasing one, or more of ONE HOUR OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LABOR (catalog number 1928860.) Note that any additional time must be approved and scheduled by Kodak Service. Additional purchases of professional services may be purchased in 1 hour increments only.

Goals of This Professional Service

Assist the customer with the installation of Capture Pro or Capture Pro Network Edition Software. Provide a solid understanding of Kodak Capture Pro Software and Kodak Capture Pro Network Edition Software and to assist the customer with maximizing their effective use of the software.

Service Prerequisites and Customer Responsibilities

All key personnel provided by the customer, should be knowledgeable in document imaging technology and have access to the internet. Customer has to be at the computer that will have the software installed. Customer must have scanner installed on the PC and has tested the scanner with the Scanner Validation Tool or equivalent. Also, the customer must have installed the latest, or current, driver. Must have the ability to have a conversation with Kodak Technical Support while being at, or near, the PC. If possible, customer should attempt to download software prior to contacting Kodak. Customer should have a number of documents to scan for test purposes. The customer must be an administrator on the PC.

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