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The Canon DR-S250N Scanner

Canon's affordable color, duplex, desktop scanner.

Canon DR-S250N Scanner

Color, Duplex,
Document Scanner

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Ethernet Network Interface,
Wi-Fi capable
Operate via Phone, Tablet or PC.

Canon DR-S250N document scanner

50 pages per minute/ 100 ipm
with Ultrasonic double-feed detection. Can scan in B/W, Grayscale and Color.

Estimated Daily Production is 6,000 scans.

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The Canon imageFORMULA DR-S250N is a flexible, easy-to-use office document scanner. Built in Wi-Fi®, wired Ethernet and USB connections for networked and local operation allow the scanner to be used with desktop computers, compatible smartphones, or tablets, and shared among multiple users. And the large, user-friendly, color touch-screen makes it easy to select destinations or shortcuts. With the DR-S250N, document information can be converted, processed, and shared efficiently for improved collaboration and productivity.


To use this model via Wi-Fi or ethernet, you need to download and install the free app on an Android or iOS device and then that device will interface and run the scanner. This is not a "standalone, walk-up and scan" model. You can configure a job setting on a connected PC, and copy that job to the scanner so that the touch screen can then be used to start and run the "job" but the job settings need to be configured on a PC and copied to the scanner....Once the job is there, your good to go. But you cannot edit the job on the scanner. You have to repeat the process describe above. (Most Wi-Fi/Network scanners work this way).

The Canon DR-S250N Scanner


A Wide Range of Uses

The DR-S250N scanner is ideal for use by workgroups or individual users in many industries, including financial services, healthcare, legal services, insurance, and more. It can be used to modernize or automate paper-based business processes to help streamline workflows and help reduce transaction costs. The DR-S250N can also be part of a document management system or content services platform, integrating with existing backend systems for more efficient information management and improved compliance.

Direct job scanning function

The DR-S250N device also supports direct scanning function where you can setup your scan jobs for all your routine workflow tasks on the device itself and use over the network without needing any additional PC or software. This feature supports direct scanning to Shared Folder, Mail, Printer, FTP, FTPS and SFTP. With the scan-to-mail function can also send scanned data to Teams or Slack improving collaboration and information sharing. This enables easy one-touch operation to send your documents to predefined locations, saving time and improving accuracy.

Supports Various Devices

The DR-S250N Scanner has both a USB and LAN interface and supports use with various types of devices including PC, Mac Book, Chromebook and smart devices (Android and iOS). Also, the scanner is Mopria® scan certified, and can be used with Chrome OS without the need to install any driver or application. Ideal for easy deployment, and versatile use across all types of workplace environments and scan workflow applications.

Save Operational Costs

Flexible central management tools available to support your business and user environments.

  • Web menu: Simple method for managing settings for small number of scanners.
  • DR Scanner Management Tool: Efficient method to simultaneously monitor and distribute settings for large number of scanners in organization.
  • COT Admin: To manage user profiles withActive Directory and if using external NFC login.
Very Flexible

The DR-S250N scanner is very flexible and versatile. Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi connection options allow users to easily use the scanner with a desktop computer, compatible smartphone, or tablet. Various connection options allow the device to be shared among multiple users. This allows the scanner to be located almost anywhere in an office environment. Users can even scan directly to shared network folders, without using a computer. The scanner can also reliably handle many different media types in batches or individually, including passports; receipts; photos; business cards; plastic or embossed cards; thick, thin, long or over-size documents; and more.

Highly Manageable

Canon offers IT managers and system administrators two ways to remotely manage the DR-S250N scanner, through the Remote UI / Web Menu interface, and through the Canon DR Scanner Management Tool. Administrators can access the Remote UI / Web Menu interface of an individual scanner through any web browser, and then perform basic tasks such as distribution of scan job information, and optimize scanner functions. It is ideal for single or small scanner group management

For larger scanner fleets, the Canon DR Scanner Management Tool allows administrators to configure and upgrade installed scanners, as well as duplicate scanner settings and distribute to other single or multiple scanners. Both options are designed to allow rapid deployment, configuration, and maintenance of DR-S250N scanners from a central location, helping to reduce installation and ongoing support costs.

High Quality Imaging

Create consistent high-quality images when scanning all types of documents thanks to Active Threshold, and other advanced image processing tools. With the heavy duty, robust feeder scan various types of documents reliably, including passports and ID cards. Save time with fast scanning speeds up to 100 images per minute and take on with confidence heavier workloads with a device that has suggested daily scan volumes of up to 9000 scans/day.

Environment in Mind

Support the environment with highly durable device that is produced in factory in Japan with low power consumption, high level of recycled plastics, and packed with reusable materials.

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