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Bookeye 5 V2 Editions

All of the V2 Editions will scan the same 18x24 inch area and share the same basic features.They will differ only in their advanced features and options.

  • Color overhead book scanner
  • Scans documents up to 18" x 24.4"
  • Dual Line CCD Sensors
  • 400 dpi resolution (upgradeable)
  • 1.1 Sec. for A2+ Scan @ 200 dpi
  • 21" Touchscreen Monitor
  • FREE ScanWizard scanning software
  • Automatic book fold correction
  • Automatic fingerprint removal
  • Automatic crop and deskew
  • Standalone with internal PC
  • Gigabit TCP/IP Network Interface
Bookeye 5 Book Scanner
V2 Editions
V2 book scanner
Kiosk Edition

Up to 400 dpi.
Starts at $16,490
V2 book scanner
Pro Edition

Up to 600 dpi.
Starts at $20,490
V2 book scanner

Archive Edition

V-Shaped Glass
-Great for Hard Bound Books
Flexible Book cradle, 600 dpi
Great for Hard Bound Books
Starts at $24,990
V2 book scanner
Archive Edition+

with Flat Glass Option
-Great for Soft Bound Books
The V-Glass is also included, they are interchangeable with 1 thumb screw
Flexible Book cradle, 600 dpi
Starts at $25,980
Our most versatile book scanner!
V2 book scanner
Automatic Edition

Powered V-Shaped Glass
Standard Book cradle
600 dpi
Starts at $24,990
Included Bookeye ScanWizard Software
Imaging Functions
  • Automatic Focus and Exposure Controls
  • Automatic Cropping with Page Masking
  • Automatic Border Recognition and Removal
  • Automatic Despeckle and Deskew Functions
  • Automatic Finger Removal
  • Automatic Book Channel Compensation
  • Automatic Document Rotation or Mirror
  • Automatic Page Splitting
  • Book Fan Removal (no side page edges showing)
  • Black Border Removal
  • Punch Hole Removal
  • Virtual Rescan with Real Time Image Editing
  • Std. 400 dpi with option to scan up to 600 dpi
  • Anti-reflection Mode for glossy documents
  • Scan modes: Fast, High Quality and Anti-Reflective
  • Real Time Image Enhancement: Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness
  • Color Removal
  • Color (8-bit/24-bit), Grayscale, Bitonal, Halftone, Inverted
  • ICC Profiles are supported and can be embedded in file
  • Color Space: Native, RGB, Adobe RGB
  • OCR for single and multipage scanned documents.
  • Multiple file format outputs

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