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Wide Format Scanners

ScanTastik carries the top brands of wide format scanners

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WideTEK Logo
SD One Plus Series
24" & 36" Scanners
Affordable Scanners for scanning @ 3.8 inches per second
(PC is required)
24" Model
from $2950
36" Model
from $3250
SD One MF Series
24" & 36" Scanners
Affordable Scanners for scanning @ 3.8 inches per second
(PC not required)
24" Model $3725 with stand
36" Model
$4025 with stand
44" Model
$4880 with stand
36" CL-MF Series
Standalone scanner with 21" Touchscreen
Color scans at 10" inches per second

Wide Format Scanner Photo
Ready to scan bundles from $4590
IQ Quattro X Series
CIS Camera scanners for basic scanning.
Color scans at 7 or 14 inches per second.

24" Model
Scanner & Software $5319
36" Model
Scanner, S/W and stand: $6280
Special $4740
44" Model
Scanner, S/W, and Stand: $8580
Special $8040
36" CL Series
CIS Camera scanners for basic scanning.
Color scans at 10" inches per second
Ready to scan bundles from $5290
48" CL Series

CIS Camera scanners for basic scanning.
Color scans at 10" inches per second
Ready to scan bundles from $7380
HD Ultra X Series
CCD Camera based scanners for crisp, clear images and high speed
Handles documents up to 5/8" thick

36" Model
From $9495
42" Model
from $9995
WideTEK 36" CCD Camera Series
Sharp Image Quality CCD Cameras
High Color scans at 11 inches per second
Ready to scan bundles from $11,990
WideTEK 44" CCD Series
High resolution 44" & 48" scanners
Ready to scan bundles from $14,990
HD Ultra X 60" Series
CCD Camera based scanner for those needing highest quality scans and a large scanning area. 9 Inches Per Second
Special $19,420
WideTEK 60" CL Series
CIS Camera scanners for basic scanning.
1/2 in. thick document clearance
Color scans at 8 inches per second
Ready to scan bundles from $11,990

Large Flatbed Scanners

IQ iFlex Flatbed
an 18"x24" flatbed scanner.
CIS Camera for basic scanning
Priced from $6441
WideTEK Flatbed Series
Basic and Pro models with CIS or CCD cameras for highest quality scans
18" x 24" CIS
from $6790
12"x18" CCD
from $6490
18" x 25" CCD
from $8990

double side newspaper scanner photo
WideTEK 36" Double Side Scanner

WideTEK® 36DS - the world´s first wide format duplex scanner for digitization of two sided printed documents up to 36 inches in width.

Bundles priced from $26,490

large Art scanner
WideTEK 36" Artwork Scanner

The WideTEK® 36" ART enables contact free scanning of works of fine art like oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, charcoal and pastel drawings, mixed media collages and antique works of art; at 600 dpi in formats up to 36 x 87 inches long. Up to 4 Inches high.

from $39,900

Why Contex Scanners?

Contex’s newest state-of-the-art scanners are built to handle industry specific tasks and offer tailored scanning solutions for the commercial and public sectors.

The Contex IQ X series is the leading scanning solution for the technical market. The Contex IQ X scanner uses advanced, unmatched CIS technology to deliver high quality scans of drawings, maps, and other technical documents.

For high-productivity archiving teams and reprographics departments, the HD Ultra X Series is thee solution. Recognized as the market's fastest wide format scanner and has received the prestigious Best Wide Format Scanner award from Wide Format Imaging for two consecutive years.

The HD iFLEX flatbed is the most recent addition to the Contex line. This 18x24-inch scanner addresses the demands of specialty scanning and uses the same top quality camera technology as the HD Ultra. The iFLEX is capable of scanning documents up to 24x36, delivering the highest quality images in color, monochrome or grayscale. The flatbed is the most versatile scanner on the market today for wide format scanning of any type of original such as fine art, delicate or thick mounted, as well as odd originals like fabric or objects with shapes and depth.

Why Widetek Scanners?

Founded in 1994, Image Access is a technology market leader developing and delivering innovative large format scanners and digitization solutions to customers based in nearly every country across the globe.

Image Access scanners produce the highest quality image output at the fastest speed available in the large format market. We are committed to providing products with a focus on ecology and sustainability by using long-life LED illumination, ongoing compliance with electrical and ecological norms and standards, and through our own technological platform, Scan2Net® a recognized standard for reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

Image Access is the only scanner manufacturer that offers products in all large format segments:

  • Overhead scanners for valuable books more than A1 in size
  • Flatbed scanners for formats greater than DIN A3 / 18x25 inches
  • Sheet feed scanners for documents between 36, 48 and 60 inches in width
  • Duplex scanners for high volume production of double sided scans up to 36 inches
  • Fine Art scanners for non-contact overhead scanning of 36 x 87"

Image Access has a large, highly qualified staff; the majority of whom are hardware, software and production engineers who put quality as their top priority - from the first idea for a new product, through development, series manufacturing, delivery to customers and what´s most important, after-sales service and support.

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