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WideTEK 12 Spectrum

12x18" Professional Backlight Flatbed Scanner

WideTEK 12 Inch flatbed scanner
Scan Area 12.3" x 18.5"
Captures 3D surfaces for industrial quality control and surface inspection applications.

12.3" x 18.5"
Flatbed Scanner

  • Scans up to 12.3" x 18.5"
  • Scan X-Rays, Negatives, Sepia and more
  • UV,VIS, IR, 3D and Backlight scans
  • 2x TRI-Color CCD Cameras
    (45,000 pixels)
  • Up to 1200 DPI
  • Scratch resistant glass plate
  • Edgeless scan area
  • Standalone device with internal PC

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WideTEK® 12 Spectrum Flatbed Scanner

12"x18" Professional Color Flatbed Scanner

The WideTEK® 12 Spectrum scanner captures images faster and more accurately than most much higher-priced lab instruments. This backlight flatbed scanner captures objects under ultraviolet (UV) at 365nm, visible light (VIS) as well as the infrared (IR) contrast of objects under IR light at 850nm in formats up to DIN A3+ (12 x 18 inch).

Another unique feature is the capability to capture 3D surfaces for industrial quality control and surface inspection applications. From Braille print on medication boxes to SMD parts on electronic boards, the superior image quality of a WideTEK® 12 SPECTRUM captures every detail.

The WideTEK® 12 Spectrum was designed for authenticity verification of banknotes, passports, ID cards, certificates, and other special objects containing security features. The built-in backlight in the lid detects watermarks and other semitransparent features of documents.

Multilight Scanning with Razor Sharp Accuracy

Under all lights from UV, visible, to IR; it scans up to 1200dpi (3D mode 600dpi) at astonishing speeds. A full color or IR scan of the whole area at 300dpi only takes 3 seconds, while the highest resolution scan at 1200dpi is ready after 12 seconds.

UV scans
Most versatile flatbed scanner available

The WideTEK 12 Spectrum is the most versatile multispectrum, multilight direction, A3+, 12" x 18" flatbed scanner in the industry, with image accuracy good enough for industrial quality inspection and falsification detection for various government applications.

2D and 3D scanning
2d and 3d scans

The 3D scanning mode captures the texture of surfaces so perfectly that the scan on a screen looks like the real thing. The WideTEK 12 has two LED lamps, twice as many as the competition. With their new diffusors, these lamps produce an extremely homogeneous illumination which eliminates all unwanted shadows caused by folds, wrinkles and other distortions of the scanned object.

Here is a sample coin scan (that opens in a new window)

Backlight Included for X-rays, film, negatives and more
backlight scan samples

The WideTEK Spectrum brings you an even higher return on investment with the addition of the WT12-BACKLIGHT option for scanning transparent material of all kinds, like X-rays, glass negatives, 35mm microfilm aperture cards, cutout stencils, sepias and film.

The backlight unit replaces the standard scanner lid. It is easily assembled and users can scan with or without the backlight, depending on the source material requirements, by simply switching the light on or off.

In the medical sector, operators can scan negatives, radiography, cardio plaques and larger paper documents in black and white, color or grayscale as required. The WideTEK 12 is compact, only (44cm, 17") wide, so it will fit in any doctor´s office or hospital floor.

There are many film scanners available on the market for small image formats and even medium sized images, but in the large format range, film scanners are very rare and/or prohibitively expensive. WideTEK 12S goes far beyond just film scanning and does it at an affordable price.

Municipalities, cadastral offices, oil companies, GIS services and other government agencies use the WideTEK 12S to digitize and archive a number of different types of documents. The WideTEK 12S is also ideal for photographers, galleries, advertising agencies and graphic artists to present and preserve their work in a digital format.

Backlight X-Ray Scanning

backlight top open

x-ray scanning
7" Touch Screen
7 inch touchscreen close-up

The 7 inch color WVGA (wide VGA) touchscreen provides access to all functions directly from the scanner. It is very easy to access and is operator-friendly because it is located right at the center of the scanner, exactly where the operator stands or sits.

  • PC and touchscreen inside, no hidden cost
  • Fast Gigabit network connection
  • True standalone solution
Scan Direct to USB 3
USB Close-up

One USB 3.0 port in the front of the device allows the user to plug in a USB storage device, scan the source document to the USB device and walk away - without the need for a connected PC - ideal for every self-service environment.

Optional 22" Touchscreen Mnitor
large flatbed with monitor

The WideTEK WT12S flatbed scanner has an optional 22" touchscreen monitor for a larger image display and easier touchscreen control of the scanner.

Key Features
  • Scans 12.3" x 18.5"
  • 1200 x 1200 dpi scanner resolution
  • Fastest color scanning at 3 seconds @ 300 dpi
  • Full area VIS, IR scan in less than 3 seconds, UV in 12 seconds
  • Real time display of scanned images, modify images without rescanning
  • Standalone device with its own internal Linux PC
  • Scan2USB -- Walk up Scanning to any USB device via USB 3.0
  • Scan2Network -- Output to network resources, SMB, FTP
  • Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, multipage PDF and TIFF, DICOM and many more
  • Scan2Pad® -- Operation via tablet, smartphone or other mobile device
Other Features
  • Two LED lamps with VIS (white), one lamp with UV (365nm), one lamp with IR (850nm), white backlight
  • Large color WVGA touchscreen for simplified operation
  • Built-in backlight in the lid detects watermarks and other semitransparent features of documents
  • Virus resistant Linux OS
  • OS independent, runs with Windows 8,10,11, Linux, Mac
  • ScanWizard uses any browser: IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Firmware updates via web interface
  • Dust-free camera technology
  • Batch Scan Wizard -- Software option for high volume scanning and indexing
  • Scan2OCR -- Software option for scanning and OCR processing in a single step
  • TWAIN Interface -- Software interface option

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