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Most Popular Wide Format Scanners by WideTEK

All of the WideTEK wide format scanners are manufactured in Germany by Image Access.

WideTEK Wide Format Scanners by Image Access logo
Shown with (optional) Stand


36" Wide Format Scanner
  • Scans 36 inch widths, unlimited length
  • Color scans at 10 inches per second
  • Uses it's own internal PC to scan
  • Includes 21" TouchScreen Monitor
  • High Quality 1200 dpi CIS cameras
  • Automatic crop and deskew
  • Modify images without rescanning
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WideTEK 36CL 36" Series

WideTEK 36CL 36 inch with stand
36" CL Series

Color scans at 10" inches per second
Priced from $5690
WideTEK 36" CCD Series

WideTEK 36 CCD
Sharp Image Quality CCD Cameras

High Color scans at 10 inches per second
Priced from $13990
WideTEK 48 CL Series

WideTEk 48 CL scanner
WideTEK 48" CL Series
Up to 1200 dpi
Color scans up to 10 inches per second
Priced from $9990
WideTEK 44" CCD Series
WideTEK 44 CCD
WideTEK 44" CCD Series

High resolution 44" & 48" scanners
1/2 in. thick document scanning
Color scans up to 11 inches per second.
Priced from $9,990
WideTEK 60 CL Series

WideTEK 60 inch scanner with touchscreen
60" Wide Format Scanner
Fast scanning at 8 inches per second @150 DPI in FULL COLOR, no interpolation
Starting from $14,990
18"x24" Flatbed

WideTEK 18x24 inch scanner with CIS cameras
18"x24" Flatbed Scanner

CIS cameras
Scratch Res. Glass
Priced from $7,749
18"x25" Flatbed

WideTEK 18x25 inch scanner with CCD cameras
18"x25" Flatbed Scanner

High Res. CCD cameras
3D texture Scans
X-Ray Scans
Priced from $11,990

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