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WideTEK Adjustable Scanner Stand

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The new WideTEK® stand, WT-STAND-ADJ is a fully adjustable stand that accepts printers of any width and up to 46.5” high. The height of the stand can be lowered to 34.5” if desired. Preassembled for all WideTEK 36 inch scanners but with the exchange of two brackets, the stand can also accommodate 44 and 48 inch scanners. Which, when mounted to the stand, can be moved toward the front on telescopic guides. The design is not only extremely stable but also can invisibly hold the power supply, a network switch and a power extension bar in the back of the lower crossbar.

Shown with 48CL Scanner, Monitor.
(not included)
WideTEK Adjustable Stand
  • Most versatile MFP stand in the industry.
  • Supports any width printer, up to 46.5” high.
  • Fast copy to HP, Canon, Epson and Océ printers
  • Sits against a wall, leveled via adjustable feet.
  • Slightly angled forward for convenient access by operators
  • The lock and release mechanism allows the scanner to be moved forward to the operator for easy access.
  • Easy storage of power supply and cables behind the crossbar.
  • Supports WT36CL, WT48CL, WT36CL-MF, WT36, WT44, WT48.
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