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WideTEK Batch Scan Wizard

Scanning Software

Batch Scan Wizard documents

BatchScanWizard is a fast and easy to use software solution from Image Access for professional management of large scanning volumes and jobs. The software increases data throughput and reduces operational tasks substantially. BatchScanWizard is ideal for processing large volume scanning jobs but is just as useful for smaller volumes in which more advanced operations like page splitting or extracting specific areas on a document is required.

One of the key features of BSW is the Quick Start function. When you have a large batch of drawings to scan, you can enable this function. The way its works, you load the first drawing and press start. Once the drawing is scanned, you load the next drawing. The scanner automatically starts scanning. The program saves the previous file (autonamed) and continues with the next scan and so on. It's truly a production function. No wasting times starting and stopping, pressing scan, changing the file name and so on. You'll be able to scan through a large number of drawings in a very short period of time. And yes, you can go back and change the image quality settings on the fly if the individual scan was too dark or light and save it again without rescanning!

Batch Scan Wizard is installed on a PC. The scanner is always installed as a network scanner (it does NOT connect via a cable to the PC.) The software then runs the scanner through your browser. (You open the browser and then type in the IP address of the scanner). BSW software is designed for production scanning. Multiple jobs, multiple index fields, auto file naming and more features that are needed when scanning large numbers of documents with additional requirements.

Scan Wizard comes installed on the scanner itself. This free software is used to run the scanner through the scanner touch screen or with the Touch Screen Monitor. ScanWizard is designed for one scan at a time, not production file naming, indexing, multiple folder output and the other features of BSW. You can save your settings of course, but each file is a "save as" type of scan.

The operator creates a job and configures a template for the job. Then, all images scanned are collected in the job until the job is closed by the operator. In addition to the standard scan parameters like brightness, contrast, color mode or file format; Batch Scan Wizard lets operators predefine specific areas of a document to extract, scan and save as separate images. Nothing is lost, because you can reopen a stored scan job and change it with the features cut, delete, insert and replace for any selected image in the job. You can also change the filename or directory location of the job.

Using Batch Scan Wizard´s rescan function, a previously scanned image is held in memory. Color mode, file format, rotation, mirror and camera settings can be modified without having to rescan. The new settings will affect the image immediately, without having to physically rescan the document. When you have optimized your scan parameters, you can save the new images or replace an image in your batch.

The new, freely configurable workflow tracking in Batch Scan Wizard supports you with information about your files in each scanning job. This record includes date and time for each image scanned, the scanning parameters used, the PC used and the location of your images.

Batch Scan wizard scan job indexing will help with the compilation of individual variables and/or combinations of variables for the automatic creation of file and directory names and their directory structures.

WideTEK Batch Scan Wizard
Features and Functions
  • Multi-field indexing of scan jobs
  • Adjust image quality without having to rescan
  • Create multipage PDF or TIFF files
  • Create custom templates (jobs) with specific scanning parameters, file naming conventions and directory locations.
  • Automatic generation of file and directory names and directory structures using individual variables or combinations of variables.
  • Freely configurable file, directory, and scan template names (via manual input, barcode or using variables).
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports all Scan2Net® functions as well as page splitting, page region extractions, zoom, rotate, invert and mirror.
  • Interface allows operators to select a variable number of image windows.
  • Individual image scaling horizontally, vertically or adapted to the window size.
  • Cut, delete, replace and insert a selected image into a previously generated job.
  • Multiprocessor and hyperthreading support.
  • OCR option. The OCR option will work with the BSW, if the SCAN2OCR option key is active on the scanner.
  • Supports all WideTEK Wide Format and flatbed scanners
Batch Scan Wizard documents
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