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The Fujitsu fi-6140z scanner

Includes Kofax VRS Pro software for image clean up on the fly!!!

Fujitsu fi-6140z scanner

List Price

Please see the new model:

Discontinued, 11/20/13.


Scans 60 ppm/ 120 ipm
in color, monochrome or grayscale

One Year Unit Exchange Warranty

fi-6140z scanner

In addition to the fi-6140z scanner being the smallest scanner in its class, both models are able to scan an impressive 60 pages or 120 images per-minute in Color, Monochrome or Grayscale (Letter @ 200dpi) as well as 40 pages or 80 images per-minute in Color (Letter @ 300dpi). Furthermore, the Fujitsu fi-6140z and fi-6240 models are the first scanners in their class to adopt high-end “fi series” functions such as:

  • Paper Protection technology: Protects valuable documents by halting the scanning process when it recognizes that a jam is about to occur.
  • Intelligent Multifeed Function (iMFF): Simplifies pre-scanning preparation and improves efficiency by ignoring documents that trigger false multi-feed alerts such as a photo or sticky note.
  • Intelligent Capture Correction Function (iCCF): Auto-color recognition, auto-size detection, and auto de-skew correction provides dramatic efficiency by combining fast scanning with simultaneous high speed image processing.
  • Robust ADF: Plastic and embossed cards support, long document scanning, and acceptance of a broad range of paper weights keeps document exceptions low and operator efficiency.

Fujitsu fi-6140z

Functional Specs
Image Sensor Type
Color Charge Coupled Device (CCD) x 2
Light Source
White cold cathode discharge lamp
Optical resolution
50 to 600 dpi in 1 dpi increments*
Output Format
Color: 24 bit, 8 bit/4 bit; Grayscale: 8 bit, 4 bit; Monochrome: 1 bit
AD Converter
1024 levels (10 bit)
Output Mode
Dither / Error diffusion
Scanning speeds
Output (Letter / A4 size)
simplex (ppm) / duplex (ipm)
200 dpi:60 ppm/ 120 ipm
300 dpi:40 ppm / 80 ipm
Grayscale/ monochrome
200 dpi:60 ppm / 120 ipm
300 dpi:40 ppm/80 ipm
ADF Capacity
50 sheets (letter/A4, 20 lb.)
Document Sizes
ADF Minimum: 2" x 3"
ADF Maximum
8.5" x 14" (legal)
Long Document
8.4" x 122 inches (10 feet)
ADF Feeding paper weights
11 to 56.2 lb.
A8 shts
34 to 56.2 lb.
Card (1.4 mm)
Portrait and landscape feeding
USB 2.0 / Ultra SCSI (50m)

11.8 x 6.4 x 6.2 in.

9.24 lbs.
In Box contents
TWAIN, ISIS™, USB cable, AC adapter
Bundled software
Kofax® VRS® Professional and ScandAll Pro
Options available
Carrier sheet, Post scan Imprinter
OS Supported
Microsoft XP (32 bit/64 bit) / Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 (32 bit/64 bit) Microsoft Windows Vista (32 bit/64 bit) /
Windows 7(32/64 bit)
Feed detection features
Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection Sensor Paper Protection sensor, Intelligent Multifeed Function (Bypass, Auto1, and Auto 2)
Other Features
Embossed and Hard Card Scanning Capability, Long Document Scanning, Automatic Color Recognition, Automatic Paper-Size Detection, Automatic De-skew Correction, Selectable White & Black Background (in ADF only).
Limited Warranty
One Year advanced exchange. Other options are available.
Part Number

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