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Kodak Alaris has the Scanner Line of the Year
-from Buyers Lab. Inc.(BLI)

Buyers Laboratory, LLC (BLI) recognized Kodak Alaris as Scanner Line of the Year for three years in a row for superior performance across its broad portfolio of document scanners. Kodak Alaris also won multiple BLI Winter Pick Awards—one in each of three key scanner categories: networked, departmental and production.

kodak scanners

All Kodak scanner models have Kofax VRS options
Small Document Scanners:
Kodak ScanMate
20 ppm / 40 ipm
kodak mobile document scannner i940
Kodak Alaris

kodak alaris e1035 scanner
35 ppm / 70 ipm
3 Yr. Wty
Kodak Alaris

kodak i2420 scanner

50 ppm/100 ipm
3 yr. wty.
Kodak Alaris

kodak s2070 scanner

70 ppm/140 ipm
3 yr. wty.
*ppm means pages-per-minute ipm means images-per-minute (duplex mode)

Wi-Fi and Network scanners

Walk up and scan directly to your network with these models:
Kodak Alaris
60 ppm / 120 ipm

kodak s2060w wi-fi network document scanner
Wi-Fi, Network or Desktop
Kodak Alaris
80 ppm / 160 ipm

kodak s2080w wi-fi network document scanner
Wi-Fi, Network or Desktop
Kodak ScanStation 730ex Plus
70 ppm / 140 ipm

kodak network document scanner SS730ex plus
Stand alone scanner with remote admin and compatibility with LDAP, FTPS, sFTP, SharePoint, and more.
10" Screen

Scanners with Flatbeds

Kodak i2900
60 ppm / 120 ipm
Letter Size ADF,
Letter Size Flatbed

kodak i2900 flatbed scanner
Kodak i3250
50 ppm / 90 ipm
With 11x17" ADF
Letter Size Flatbed
i3250 with flatbed
Kodak i3450
90 ppm / 180 ipm
With 11x17" ADF
Letter Size Flatbed

i3450 with flatbed

i3000 Series scanners:

Kodak i3200
50 ppm / 90 ipm

Kodak i3300
70 ppm / 140 ipm

Kodak i3400
90 ppm / 180 ipm

Kodak i3500
110 ppm/220 ipm

DDC is the recommended Daily Duty Cycle of pages scanned

i4000 Series scanners:

Kodak i4250
110 ppm / 230 ipm

Kodak i4650
130 ppm / 260 ipm

Kodak i4850
150 ppm / 300 ipm

kodak i4850 scanner
ALL Kodak scanner models have Kofax VRS options

i5000 Series scanners:
unlimited daily duty cycle for the most demanding scanning needs

Kodak i5250
150 ppm / 300 ipm

kodak i5200 scanner

Kodak i5650
170 ppm / 340 ipm

kodak i5600 scanner

Kodak i5850
210 ppm / 420 ipm


These models deliver speed, image quality, and advanced paper handling, as well as true ease of integration and compatibility with more than 300 imaging applications. They have unlimited daily duty cycles of scanning. They can scan around the clock, three 8 hour work shifts, producing up to 300,000 images per day.

Kodak Scanners

Kodak authorizd reseller kodak scanner support
Kodak scanners

Kodak scanners, services and parts are marketed and sold by Kodak Alaris Company.

For virtually trouble-free operation, nothing surpasses the family of document scanners from Kodak, the industry leader in production scanning. Whether you need to scan 100,000 or more documents every day or 100 documents in the shortest time possible per day, there's a scanner with the volume capacity and speed to support cost-effective processing for you.

ScanTastik has been an Authorized Reseller of Kodak Alaris products for over 15 years.

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