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Contex Scanner Activation License

Scanner Activation License - What is it and how does it work?.

Contex is the manufacturer of the scanner. They make a BASE unit scanner. The License is what tells the scanner what features are "Activated".

For example, in the HD Ultra X series, the base unit has a 42 inch wide throat (feed width). If you were to purchase a "3650" model, you would receive a scanner with a 42 inch throat that only scans @ 36 inches wide and 8.9 inches per second in color. If you purchase a 4290 model, you would receive the same base unit, and a scanner that can scan 42 inches wide at 17.8 inches per second in color.

This is manufacturing by design and is common in most industries. The Contex scanner model is then "field upgradeable" to a faster (or wider) model by upgrading the license. You can upgrade your HD Ultra X 3650 to a 4290 by purchasing an upgrade license.

When you order a Contex scanner model from ScanTastik, we have to order two part numbers: the base unit and the "model" part number. This model part number is the "scanner activation license" which tells the base unit what features are then "active" for that scanner. Without the license, the scanner is not activated and will not scan. (Period).

Unfortunately, there are a lot of resellers on the internet that don't understand the products that they sell. They just put up products with a standard price markup and sell them. The base unit has a part number and an attractive price, but it's not an activated scanner. We frequently receive calls from persons whom thought they were getting a bargain buying a scanner for a lower price only to find out the scanner did not have an activation license.

ScanTastik always advertises prices that include the activation license.

Yes, you can purchase just an activation license from us. The cost of an activation license depends on the model. Some models with basic features cost $200. The larger, faster models can cost up to $7,500 for the activation license. Please call for pricing.

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