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Most Popular Contex Scanners

For virtually trouble-free operation, nothing surpasses the family of document scanners from Kodak, the industry leader in production scanning. Whether you need to scan 30,000 or more documents every day or 30 documents in the shortest time possible, there's a scanner with the volume capacity and speed to support cost-effective processing for you.

SD One Plus 36" Series

SD One Plus with stand
SD One Plus 24" & 36" Series

Affordable Desktop Scanners
Color scans at 2 inches per second
SD One MF 36" Series

SD One MF with stand

SD One MF 24, 36 and 44" Series

Scan, Copy, and Share
Color scans at 2 inches per second
IQ Quattro Series

IQ Quattro 4450 scanner
IQ Quattro Series
High resolution 36" & 42" scanners
Up to 1200 dpi
Color scans up to 14 inches per second
HD Ultra X Series
HD Ultra 3650s scanner front view
HD Ultra X Series

High resolution 36" & 44" scanners
5/8 in. thick document scanning
Color scanning up to 17 inches per second.
HD Ultra X 60" Series

60" Wide Format Scanner
HD Ultra 6050 scanner

Ultra Fast scanning at 17.8 Inches per second.
Scan up to 1,000 drawings per hour.
Starting from $16,350

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