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Kodak Ngenuity Scanners

Kodak Ngenuity Series Scanners—the next scanning innovation in Kodak’s document imaging solutions’ portfolio:

  • intelligent paper handling
  • 40% larger feeder capacity than other scanners in their class
  • razor-sharp image quality
  • user-friendly interface
  • easy maintenance
  • low cost of consumables
  90 ppm/ 180 ipm
9125  125 ppm/ 250 ipm
9150 150 ppm/300 ipm
(Landscape B/W, 200 dpi)

This line of scanners was discontinued by Kodak Alaris in 2016.
They are no longer in stock

Ngenuity Scanner Features

Scan a wider range of documents

Everything from rice paper to plastic cards, to stuffed envelopes and cardstock, to photos and long EKG strips is fair game for the Ngenuity Scanners, which scan the widest range of documents of any scanner in their class.

With an unlimited daily duty cycle, the Ngenuity Scanners breeze through documents up to 12.5 inches wide and 200 meters long, at speeds that are among the best in their class.

Straight pass-through paper path and document modes add versatility

While most documents can make their way easily through the scanner’s rotary path, the Ngenuity Scanners include an alternative “straight pass through” paper path for exception documents (such as stuffed envelopes and laminated cards) that cannot make the turn on the rotary path.

What’s more, special document scanning modes auto-adjust the Ngenuity Scanners’ feeding and transport scanner settings for very long, folded or fragile documents.

Auto-adjustable feeder tray holds 40% more documents

The Ngenuity Scanners’ feeder tray holds 700 documents—40% more than other scanners in their class. The tray also rises and falls—literally—in perfect sync with your batch size, thanks to Variable Feeder Tray Capacity Control, which remembers your most recent batch size.

And since the feeder does not restrict you to manufacturer-set batch size limitations, you can scan almost any size batch you want, faster than ever before.

Next-generation cameras deliver razor-sharp images

Armed with top-of-the-line Sharp Shooter Tri-linear CCD cameras, the Kodak Ngenuity Scanners deliver 600 dpi optical capture and output.

This advanced camera technology delivers higher OCR, ICR and barcode recognition rates and more reliable forms processing.

LED illumination: longer lasting, no warm-up time

LED lights require no warm-up time, meaning the scanner can deliver optimal image quality from the minute you turn it on. The LED lights are designed to last the life of the scanner with normal use and provide a more stable level of light than traditional lamps. This translates into more consistent image quality and less time spent calibrating the cameras. In fact, the Ngenuity Scanners’ cameras only need to be calibrated one to two times per year

Virtual ReScan (VRS) Professional Onboard

Professional image enhancement at no cost to speed

The Kofax VRS Professional Application is integrated into the hardware of the scanner. This way you can enjoy all the image enhancement and error resolution functionality of the VRS application without sacrificing speed

Advanced color management and more precise image cropping are only two of the many features at your fingertips with Onboard Virtual ReScan Professional Application on the Ngenuity Scanner

Easy to install, use and maintain

The Ngenuity Scanners feature a USB 2.0 port and cable to make it easier for you to connect the scanner to the PC. They have a SCSI-III port as well.
You can access much of the scanner functionality directly through the PC.

For example, the Ngenuity Operator Utility (NOU) allows you to track the total number of scans and monitor maintenance schedules.

Further, our user-friendly interface with front panel functionality provides easy access to frequently used features and includes two user- customizable function buttons.

Enhanced ultrasonic multi-feed detect and ignore

Three independently controlled, ultrasonic sensors raised the bar on multi-feed detection.

What’s more, the “Multi-feed Ignore” setting on the Ngenuity Scanners now allows you to accept scanned images and continue scanning or alert the scanner in advance to accept an intended multi-feed.

The “Ignore by Size option lets you proactively scan items—such as taped receipts and sticky notes—that the scanner might otherwise identify as a multi-feed and stop.

Value, durability and performance

The Ngenuity Scanners’ steel paper path and durable parts (including protectively sealed CCD cameras, long-lasting LED lights, and rollers that last for 600,000 scans) ensure that the scanners are able to withstand the many challenges of any hardworking production environment.

This yields a low, overall cost of scanner maintenance and ownership.

Ngenuity Scanners are also easy to clean and maintain. The scanners’ only consumables—the rollers and tires—are easy to replace; and users can install optional accessories like the imprinter, easily.

Ngenuity Scanners

Daily Duty Cycle
(letter size landscape B/W)
Model 9150:150 ppm / 300 ipm
Model 9125:125 ppm / 250 ipm
Model 9090: 90 ppm / 180 ipm
Camera Technology
SharpShooter Trilinear 7.6k CCD
Optical Resolution
600 dpi Optical and Output
Lighting Technology
White LEDs -instant warm-up; designed to last the life of the scanner with normal use.
Image Enhancement
Onboard VRS Professional
Output Resolution
Up to 600 dpi
Maximum Document Size
(12.5 in. x 40 in.) (Long Doc. mode : up to 219 yards)
Minimum Document Size
(1.7 in. x 2.5 in.)
Paper Thickness and Weight
Rotary: .0015-.035
Straight-Thru: .0015-.070
Weight: 7 to 320 bond
Up to 700 sheets of 20 lb. paper
Handles small documents, such as plastic cards,
stuffed envelopes and card stock. Variable Feeder Tray Capacity
Multi-feed Detection
With ultrasonic technology, three sensors, Preemptive ignore, Ignore As Is, Ignore by size.
USB 2.0 (cable included) and SCSI-III
Optional user installable pre- and/or post-scan imprinter, time and date stamping, 72 characters
Additional Features
Straight Pass Through Paper Path, Special Documents Mode, Advanced Color functionality
Additional Options
user installable pre- and/or post-scan imprinter, time and date stamping, Roller Kit, Cleaning Kit, Power Conditioner.
Warranty (US and Canada)
90 day on site
Kodak A4 Flatbed Accessory with 1.8-meter (6 ft.) cable;
Optional flatbed black imaging background accessory
Electrical Requirements
100-240 V (International); 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption
Sleep mode: 6.7 Watts;
Running Maximum: 175 Watts
Standby Minimum: 60 Watts
Environmental Factors
Operating temperature: 50-100° F
Operating humidity: 10% to 80% RH
Supported Drivers (Included)

Image Controls, ISIS and TWAIN through VRS Professional; direct ISIS, TWAIN

Supported Operating Systems
Windows XP,Vista, 7
This unit is GSA compliant.
Weight: 115 lbs.
(19.5" x 20.5" x 30 inches)

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