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The Canon DR-G1130 scanner

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$ 8,995

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Leasing as low as $162 a month with
no payment until Jan. 2019*

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Canon drg1130 scanner

130 PPM/ 260 IPM
B/W, color duplex speeds
in LANDSCAPE mode.

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Canon DR-G1130 Scanner features

The DR-G1130 Series scanners are capable of handling a wide variety of document sizes, from business card up to 11 x 17 inches, and even up to 118.1 inches using Long Document Mode. Flexible paper feed and output guides further enhance the scanners’ ability to reliably feed all types of documents.

Meant for Document Management

The imageFORMULA DR-G1130 series production scanners have been developed to withstand the rigors of production-level scanning, the cornerstone and critical first step in any successful high-volume document management system. These scanners are capable of high-speed, accurate, and flexible imaging in order to convert and process vast amounts and wide ranges of documents.

Though document scanning and processing are the foundation of effective document management systems, they can be time-, labor-, and cost-intensive. For companies to stay abreast of the business and economic challenges, they must focus on improving productivity, maintaining business continuity, and facilitating document integration.

Improving Your Office Productivity

The Canon DR-G1130 scanners are equipped with a dedicated, onboard image processing chip, making them capable of maintaining high scanning speeds even with various image processing capabilities enabled.

Centralized scanning solutions–operated by a limited number of dedicated and trained individuals–enable companies to spend less time processing, retrieving, and searching for paper documents, and can help facilitate collaboration throughout the organization. The DR-G1130 scanners feature an intuitive control panel that allows easy access to select scanner settings and programmable preregistered Scan-To-Job buttons. These scanners are also equipped with a motorized paper feed tray that can be adjusted to the height of the batch. All these features are designed to deliver unattended batch scanning for optimizing workflows and improving productivity.

Maintaining Business Continuity

Nothing can be more devastating to a document management system than scanner failure. Equally frustrating and time-consuming are scanners that constantly have misfeeds and paper jams. Canon manufactures the DR-G1130 scanners under the stringent ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards to produce scanners that are capable of withstanding the rigors of production-volume scanning. Canon’s advanced and unique feeding mechanism, Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection, and Rapid Recovery features deliver ultra-reliable document scanning. A solid-body design, heavy-duty feed and eject trays, and staple detection capability are just some of the features that ensure minimal downtime and help to maintain business continuity.

Facilitating Document Integration

During document conversion, high image accuracy and quality are important to minimize error rates, achieve regulatory compliance, and increase the ease of document integration and retrieval. The DR-G1130 scanners capture fine print and other small details with exceptional clarity using Canon’s advanced CIS sensor technology with up to 600-dpi optical resolution. Consistent image quality is further guaranteed by the ability to enhance faint text, reduce moiré patterns, and remove unwanted backgrounds from images.

In paper-intensive environments, the ability to deliver reliable, unattended batch scanning of varied documents greatly reduces labor-intensive pre-sorting and job preparation efforts, thereby facilitating document integration.

Additional DR-G1130 scanner features

  • Auto Color Detection
  • Auto Paper Size Detection
  • Background smoothing
  • Batch Separation
  • Character Emphasis
  • Count Only mode
  • Custom Color Drop out/Enhance color
  • Deskew
  • Text Enhancement
  • Text Orientation Recognition
  • Pre-scan Function
  • Folio Mode
  • Three Dimension Color Correction
  • 3 position Paper Feed tray
  • MultiStream file format output
  • Prevent Bleed-Through/Remove Background
  • Punch hole removal
  • Rapid recovery system
  • Skip Blank Page
  • Staple detection
  • Ultrasonic Double-Feed Detection
  • Verify scan

Canon DR-G1130 scanner

Document Feeding:
Automatic or Manual
Document Size:
ADF Width: 2.2" x 12"
ADF Length: 2.8" x 17"
(Up to 118.1" in Long document mode)
ADF: 11-32 Lb Bond Paper
Paper Feed Thickness:
Automatic: 14-56 lb. Bond
Manual: 11-68 lb. Bond
Feeder Capacity:
500 Sheets
8 bit
24 bit
Scanning Element:
3 line Contact Image Sensor (CMOS)
Output Resolutions
150/200/300/400/600 dpi
Light Source:
Scanning Mode:
Simplex, Duplex,Color, Grayscale, Black & White, Advanced Text Enhancement, Error Diffusion, MultiStream
Color Drop Out:
Optical Resolution
600 dpi
Scanning Speeds:
Black & White-
130 Pages per Minute
260 Images per minute
Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Scanner Drivers:
ISIS/TWAIN for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
12.4" High x18.9" Wide x 21.1 Depth" (with trays closed)
Bundled Software
Bundled with Canon Capture Perfect Software for Choice of Output File Formats. Kofax Virtual ReScan
Imprinter, Barcode module III, Patch Code Decoder, A3 or A4 size flatbed, Exchange Roller Kit
50.2 lbs.  (free shipping!!!)
Power Consumption
95 Watts or less (Energy saving mode: 1.6 W or Less)
Suggest Daily Volume:
30,000 scans

Canon DR-G1100/G1130 Accessories

Canon Barcode Module Software

Canon barcode software
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$ 99

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Patchcode Decoder

Canon patch code decoder
(requires professional installation)
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$ 495

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Imprinter for post scan imprinting
Canon scanner imprinter
(requires professional installation)
Your Price
$ 395

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Canon Professional Installation of the above Imprinter
Canon scanner installation
Your Price
$ 295

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Canon Professional Installation and Training
on your new scanner
Canon scanner Professional Installation and Training<
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$ 495

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Flatbed 102 A4 Size 8.5"x14" flatbed
Canon scanner flatbed accessory
More info
List Price
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Flatbed 201 A3 Size 11"x17" flatbed
Canon scanner flatbed accessory
More info
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Kofax VRS Elite 5.x UPGRADE for
Workgroup/Production Scanners
(Must have an existing, licensed edition)
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$ 761
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Canon Consumable Kit
DR-G1100 and DR-G1130 model

Exchange Roller Kit

Rollers feed the paper, the paper & ink glazes the rollers and the rollers will need to be end user replaced. These are the rollers. Canon recommends changing the rollers every 450,000 scans

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$ 112

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Separation Pad

canon dr-g1100 scanner separation pad

A Separator pad keeps the paper against the feed rollers and separates the pages as they feed in. Canon recommends changing the Separation Pad every 6,000,000 scans (6 million).

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$ 36

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Canon DR-G1130 scanner
special features

Improved eject brake for neatly aligned output documents

The scanner’s paper ejection mechanism features a new motor with a brake that controls the speed of ejected documents. Scanned documents are neatly stacked in the document eject tray, which saves you from having to take the time to straighten batches by hand

Conventional Scanner

Ejected documents are messy, and must be straightened and aligned by the operator

DR-G1100 / DR-G1130
Ejected Documents are neatly stacked by the scanner, so the operator doesn't have to straighten the output batches.

Three Different Paper Feeding Modes to handle different types of paper

Normal mode: Retard Roller is at a stop to separate the second and later pages
Separation: High <Strong > Retard Roller has reverse torque to push back the second and later pages.
Separation: Low <Soft> Retard Roller is at a stop to separate the second and later pages. Pick Up Roller rotates intermittently not to move the paper fast more than necessarily.
High Volume Feeder with Three Selectable positions
The home position of the motorized paper feed tray can be set to one of three heights according to the volume of a typical batch, which helps minimize the wait time before scanning begins. Each position accommodates up to approximately 100, 300, and 500 sheets, respectively
canon DR-G1130 scanner tray
Convenient control panel for operator handling ease
Staple Detection
The scanner’s staple detection feature detects when documents are stapled together and immediately halts feeding to prevent damage to the document and/or scanner. The scanner’s sensors detect the bent corner of the stapled document, an error message is displayed, and the scanning process is halted
canon dr-g1100 scanner
Durable and Easy Maintenance
The DR-G1130/DR-G1100 features a solid body to handle the demands of production-level scanning. Its suggested daily volume are rated at 30,000/25,000 sheets per day*. To maintain optimal performance, it is recommended the scanner’s rollers be replaced every 450,000 scans and the Separation Pad every 6,000,000 scans. A user-installable Exchange Roller Kit and Separation Pad (sold separately) are available for replacing worn rollers or pad—no service technician is required
canon dr-g1100 scanner roller kit
Exchange Roller Kit
(Feed, retard and Pick rollers)
canon dr-g1100 scanner kit
Separation Pad
canon dr-g1100 scanner open view

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