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Automated Mail-in Ballot Processing
with Voter Signature Verification

This upcoming election cycle will generate millions of Mail-In Ballots. In the 2016 Election, over 32 Million absentee ballots were cast, roughly 15% of the voting population. That was before voters were concerned about voting in person. These mail-in ballots will need to be signature verified BEFORE the ballot is processed. This huge influx will create a severe burden on small and medium sized counties that are not set up to handle the sheer volume of these absentee ballots. In the past, the few ballots that were received over a period of weeks could be processed by hand and added to the returns. That may no longer be the case.

Thankfully, someone has come up with a system to rapidly scan and verify voter signatures on Mail-In ballots WITHOUT opening the ballot and thereby limiting physical contact.

Scanning with the Voter Signature Verification System

How it Works: The mail-in voter ballots are stacked into a high speed document scanner. The scanner scans the sealed envelope (ballot) and pulls the signature off the envelope. The voter's signature is compared to a signature on file with an integrated signature verification software. This award winning software is used by banking institutions and has been implemented by several states for mail-in ballot processing.

voter signature verification
Examples of inconsistent authentic signatures

The signature is given a "confidence score". Any mail-in voter ballot rated above the threshold (set by you) is then passed through to your ballot reading system. Any mail-in voter ballot reading below the threshold is set aside to be manually reviewed. This system allows the review process to quickly fast track the "good ones" and focus the manual labor on the ballots with issues. Each Mail-in voter ballot is imprinted while being scanned with Date, Time and Batch for easy reference and validation. How many "labor hours" does it take to process 1,000 mail-in voter Ballots versus the time of ONE hour on ONE machine? And yes, it's affordable and cost justifyable for small and medium size counties.

Kodak Mail-in Voter Ballot Scanning Solution

Streamline your Mail-in Voter Ballot workflow, maxmize processing throughput and ensure you meet important reporting deadlines. Any scanner can scan a sheet of paper, many scanners can scan thicker sheets of paper, some can scan folded sheets of paper, and only a very few can scan thick, folded, sheets of paper at a high speed without errors. That's the Kodak i4000 and i5000 series scanners.

voter signature verification batch

High Speed mail-in voter ballot scanning

The Kodak scanning solution integrates seamlessly with your voting system. The system will enable you to import and export directly from your voting system. You will dramatically speed up the processing of of incoming mail-in Voter Ballots.

Mail-In Ballot Processing Bundled Solution

Kodak has partnered with LogicWorks and Parascript to create an all encompassing solution for automatic signature verification. At a very low price, you can employ the same technologies used in much more expensive systems.

What is included in the Bundle?
  • Kodak High Speed Scanner
  • Kodak Imprinter
  • Voter-By-Mail Scan System Software
  • Signature Verification Software
  • Voter System User Interface Platform
  • Simple Installation of hardware and software
  • 1 Year Onsite NBD Support on all hardware
  • 1 Year Maintenance and Support on all software

Yes, we can provide government referrals that are currently using this system!

Click HERE for more Automated Signature Verification System Information

Seamless Integration with your current system

One bundled solution optimizes automatic mail-in ballot voter signature verification

Import and export directly from your native voting system. Our bundled solution includes includes all of the hardware and software needed to optimize your voter verification system. We also include our signature Kodak on-site maintenance and support.

Key Features and Benefits

  • FAST PERFORMANCE - Increase hourly ballot processing by 20x*
  • USER FRIENDLY SOFTWARE - Simple installation and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION - Open-ended software works with your native system.
  • BUNDLED SOLUTION - One solution includes all necessary hardware and software.
  • SERVICE and SUPPORT - On-Site service and support included standard.

Experience Proves the System Works

*Currently being used in many counties across the country, Kodak is streamlining the process of Mail-in Voter Ballot Signature Verification to increase ballot processing from 50 per hour to approximately 1,000 per hour. You can be up and running in a couple weeks. Don't wait until your buried with Mail-In Ballots, call ScanTastik today at 1-800-977-4935.

Download brochure on the Verification Solution

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