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Common Document Scanner Errors

Below are several problems that occur while scanning. Read the brief synopsis and follow the link for more information.

Blank Page Detect Not Working

There are two ways that blank page detect works, depending on how the software was written to handle this issue. One way is based on the size of the page, and the other way is based on the percentage of black (dark) pixels on the page. ...Blank Page Detect Errors

Scanner Out Of Memory Errors

Before you call your reseller and complain about the poor performance of your scanner, make sure you have the scanner connected to a scanning capable PC, not just "any old PC". The "out of memory" error is from your PC, not your scanner...Scanner out of memory errors

Scanner Double-Feed Errors

You've had a busy day/week and your scanning away and all of a sudden the scanner stops and says "double-feed detected" You open the scanner and look and there's no paper in the scanner, but the scanner refuses to start scanning again. You take out your trusty brush or anti-static wipe and clean everything down and the scanner still says double-feed detected. NOW WHAT? ...Double Feed Detect Errors

Proper Scanner Maintenance

You need to take care of your scanner on a regular basis or bad things will happen. Here is how to take care of it: ...Scanner Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the scanner will resolve most issues and prevent other issues from arising. Please refer to the maintenance section of the scanner manual provided with the scanner for more detailed cleaning instructions.

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