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Kofax VRS PRO 4.5

Kofax VRS Pro has been discontinued by Kofax.
Only the Kofax Elite version is now sold (3/2016)

Below are the details of the DISCONTINUED versions of VRS PRO

Kofax's VRS Professional software further enables business processes by automatically rotating documents without preparation and intelligently deleting blank pages. VRS Professional improves the color scanning efficiency by detecting color automatically and optimizing color images for smaller file sizes.

  • Scan batches that consist of multiple document sizes
  • Scan batches that consist of varying degrees of quality
  • Automatic alerts for paper jams and equipment conflicts
  • Automatic deskew without character degradation
  • Automatic brightness settings that are optimal for your document type
  • Contrast enhancement for faint content
  • Suppresses any background or noise to yield smaller image file sizes
  • Despeckling

The features ABOVE are found in both VRS Pro and VRS Basic. The features BELOW are only found in VRS Pro and VRS Elite. VRS Elite has MORE features beyond what is listed below.

  • Auto contrast to scan a greater number of one "unscanable" images
  • Auto-rotation of documents based on content to present a correctly oriented image
  • Automatic color detection without changes to scanner settings
  • Small object color detection without changes to scanner settings
  • Intelligent blank page deletion based on a checkbox setting
  • Bleed through detection by comparing the front and back of each document
  • White background cropping and deskew
  • Background smoothing to output an image with a solidified background color

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