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Kofax VRS Pro

Kofax VRS Pro comes bundled with certain brands of scanners. It is not available for sale. Only the Kofax Elite version is sold separately

Kofax's VRS Professional software further enables business processes by automatically rotating documents without preparation and intelligently deleting blank pages. VRS Professional improves the color scanning efficiency by detecting color automatically and optimizing color images for smaller file sizes.

  • Scan batches that consist of multiple document sizes
  • Scan batches that consist of varying degrees of quality
  • Automatic alerts for paper jams and equipment conflicts
  • Automatic deskew without character degradation
  • Automatic brightness settings that are optimal for your document type
  • Contrast enhancement for faint content
  • Suppresses any background or noise to yield smaller image file sizes

Kofax VRS Pro 5.x Features

Reduce Document Preparation
Kofax VRS Pro dynamically evaluates each page and automatically applies the correct image quality settings including enhancement, deskew, orientation, cropping and format.
Capture Color or Black and White
No sorting out black and white documents. No inserting separator pages. Kofax VRS Pro automatically determines how to handle your color documents without changing scanner settings.
Easy To Use With a Rapid Payback
Kofax VRS automatically enhances any document irrespective of color, size, contrast, condition or content to increase operational efficiency while producing consistent, high quality images.
Produce a Perfect Image Every Time
Kofax VRS eliminates the need to rescan by automatically correcting images for you. It also provides simple tools to make quick repairs without ever touching the original document.
Intelligent Rotation
Simply drop a batch of documents into your scanner and let Kofax VRS Pro analyze the content on each page and determine which side is up.
Color Detect
Detect and retain color in mixed batches of color and black-and-white documents without presorting.
Blank Page Deletion
Intelligently delete blank pages when you scan a batch of single-sided and double-sided documents.
Color Smoothing
Normalize the background color of any document or replace it with white.
Perfect Images
Get process ready images with superior image quality, making scanning easier for your users and enabling better recognition and extraction rates.
Automatic Crop and Deskew
Automatically crop and deskew each image
Easy to Use
Just press scan and let Kofax VRS Pro do the rest, without special operator knowledge of scanning, special filters or image enhancement.
Network-friendly Images
Suppress noisy backgrounds and shaded areas, resulting in ultra-compact image files that are ideal for display and rapid retrieval over your network.

The features ABOVE are found in VRS Professional. The features BELOW are only found in VRS Elite. VRS Elite has MORE features beyond what is listed below.

  • Enhanced Bar Code reading
  • Edge Fill
  • Hole Fill
  • Background smoothing
  • Merge Sides
  • Intelligent Halftone
  • Auto Profile
  • Multi-core Processing
  • Device Health -Local
  • Device Health -Network
If you want these options below, then you need the Kofax Express Edition.
  • Zonal OCR
  • Hand Rope OCR
  • Patch Codes
  • 2D Bar Codes
  • Watch Folders
  • Database Lookup

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