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If you go to the local Computer store and buy a page scanner for $99.00 you'll be all set... right?

Your secretary/department is smart enough to handle it right?
What's a few minutes each day to scan in the new documents?

Yes, we've heard that one too!

Why do you think we sell high speed scanners for $75,000+ and not $99.00?
Because... they pay for themselves, over and over again!

We can process THOUSANDS of pages an hour, not 20 pages like the $99.00 scanner.

Don't have the time to train and retrain people to do your scanning???
We have people who scan and index all day long.

We can train several people to be familiar with your indexing/database needs to process your documents when they come in. No need to retrain anyone at the end of each month. Never again will you have 2 days lost trying to figure out how run the scanner each month, or how 'that' document gets indexed, which category etc...

Whether you have 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000 documents each month. Give us a call.

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