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What is Kofax VRS Professional?

Kofax VRS Professional is a software that is included in SOME manufacturer models. It is a "light" version f the Kofax Elite Software. You CANNOT purchase a copy of this software, only the Elite version can be purchased.

VRS doesn't just reduce the time involved in manual document preparation, it also enhances the quality of scanned images. It's true. And ensuring that your images are of the best quality possible at the point of capture is critical to the rest of the document management process, as image quality will significantly impact the success of data extraction, recognition, and retrieval. VRS helps you say goodbye to the "garbage in, garbage out" dilemma

Kofax VRS box

Kofax VRS professional
Kofax VRS Bundle

Virtual ReScan Professional is an image enhancement tool that integrates with the user’s scanning application and includes many advanced features.
VRS works hand-in-hand with the user’s scanning application and Panasonic scanner. When the user initiates a scan request from the scanning application, VRS evaluates and processes the request based on the image type (color, bitonal, or grayscale). Once the image is scanned, VRS applies adjustments as appropriate and then sends the processed image back to the scanning application

ScanTastik note:
Kofax does not sell VRS Professional directly to the public, the software is only found in bundles with various scanner manufacturer models. They do sell a product called VRS Elite which is SIMILAR but not exactly the same as VRS Professional. We do not have any product data which shows the difference between VRS Elite and VRS Professional features. MOST of the features are included in both, however, which features are not included in the VRS Pro version is unknown to us.
Below is a link to the Kofax web page that discusses the features of VRS Elite. New features in VRS Elite are probably not included in VRS Professional These include:
Device Health
Managed Software Deployment
Automatic Profiles
Centralized Licensing

There may be more differences. Information is not readily available to us.

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