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The Kodak Scanner i600 Series


In January 2019, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7.
Your i600 Series Kodak Scanner will NOT work with Windows 10.
Call us about a trade-in before that happens!

  • Exceptional dependability, speed and image quality: Loaded with high-value features, this is one tough machine that’s built for serious scanning.
  • Five output options: Meet essentially every application need. Choose color, bitonal, grayscale, simultaneous bitonal and grayscale, or simultaneous bitonal and color.
  • Perfect Page Scanning with iThresholding: Delivers clean, crisp images at full speed, which reduces pre-sorting, re-scans and post-image processing.
  • SurePath paper handling: The i600 Series is virtually jam-free and damage-free because it’s designed for smooth paper transport from input to output.
  • VRS READY: Offers more options and convenience.
  • Relative cropping: Lets you scan just one area of a document, saving file space and improving OCR read rates.
  • Toggle patch: Instantly switch between bitonal and color scanning, or bitonal and grayscale scanning, as many times as needed, simply by scanning a unique patch code.
  • Dual Xenon lamps: Two long-lasting, mercury-free Xenon lamps give you maximum illumination to help eliminate shadows from wrinkled documents.
  • Bundled ISIS & TWAIN drivers: For trouble-free system integration so you can start scanning the minute you plug it in.
  • Standard IEEE-1394 (FIREWIRE) interface: This fast, industry-standard interface speeds images to your host PC. And we also include the IEEE-1394 card and cable for your convenience.
  • Easy to use, meets ergonomic design standards: We’ve made the i600 Series easy to operate and tough to beat:
    • 500-sheet elevator for easy paper feeding
    • Easy-to-reach input and output tray
    • Easy access to the complete paper path
    • Easy-open design--you can open the hood with one hand
    • Designed for seated operation
    • Easy-to-change rollers and feed modules.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: Our enclosed camera design, along with special vents and filters, keeps dust out of the imaging path. Total access to the paper path allows for easy upkeep.
  • Quiet operation: So quiet you can hear the thoughts of the guy in the next office.
  • Small footprint: Big scanning volume, small size. Its desktop design means it fits just about anywhere.
  • The latest in ultrasonic multi-feed detection: Three ultrasonic sensors flag multi-feeds, so you can capture and image every document.
  • Document imprinter: Pre-scan document imprinting capability is included with every model.
  • Optional Accessories
  • White Imaging Background: Allows you to easily change the imaging background from black to white to maximize your imaging options.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Feed Module: Snap it in and feed even the thinnest documents with confidence.

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