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The Kodak i1400 Series Document Scanners


60 pages per minute (ppm)
12,000 pages per day

List Price
$ 3995.00



70 pages per minute (ppm)
15,000 pages per day

List Price
$ 4995.00



75 pages per minute (ppm)
16,000 pages per day

List Price
$ 5995.00


Scanners that stand up to the challenge

Documents aren’t always the perfect size, shape or quality for scanning. Which is exactly why the new Kodak i1410, i1420 and i1440 Scanners are perfect for scanning all your documents.

Our tabletop i1400 Series Scanners easily handle everything from small cards to very long printouts. And they provide the competitive edge your business needs with speeds up to 75 ppm/150 ipm, enhanced Perfect Page image quality, great ease of use and awesome productivity.

  • Scan documents up to 34 in. long and everything from onion skin to card stock
  • .
  • Optional A3 and A4 "tethered" flatbeds connect and disconnect in seconds for convenient scanning of bound materials.
  • Long document mode (i1440)—scans documents up to 6.1 m (20 ft.) and beyond!
  • Special document mode (i1440)—auto-feeds even irregularly shaped documents

Enhanced image quality with the latest Perfect Page imaging

  • Automatic color detection—based on document content, automatically outputs images in color, grayscale or black-and-white
  • Background color smoothing—removes variations in background color
  • Improved color accuracy—enhances images for truer, more consistent colors
  • Interactive color output adjustment—allows users to adjust brightness, contrast and color balance to their personal preference
  • Automatic orientation—based on document content, automatically orients the scanned image correctly for reading
  • Photo extraction (i1440)—automatically locates, extracts and outputs a photo as a separate image file
  • Trainable electronic color dropout (i1440)—"learns" up to three irrelevant background form colors to drop out
  • Segmented black-and-white output (i1440)—optimizes the image quality of text and photo regions independently, allowing photos to be rendered with more detail and clarity

"Ease of use" couldn't be any easier

  • Smart touch feature—allows you to scan to file, e-mail, publishing or other desktop applications with just one click
  • USB 2.0 interface—provides easy connectivity and fast image transfer
  • Toggle patch (i1440)automatically switches between black-and-white and color scanning "on the fly"
  • Post-scan document imprinter (i1420/i1440)prints tracking information directly on documents with no speed sacrifice
  • Color, B/W, Grayscale  scans
  • 11"x17" & 11x 34" scanning (20' on i1440)
  • USB 2.0 Connection
  • 600 DPI Optical
  • 150 Page ADF feed tray

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