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Kodak S3120 scanner

kodak s3120 scanner
kodak S3120 scanner

Scans 11"x17" and longer documents. Will auto-rotate into portrait view.

120 pages per minute, 240 IPM
Up to 45,00 pages per day duty cycle ADF holds 300 pages for feeding

The Kodak S3120 scanner

An 11"x17" desktop scanner

Color, duplex scanner

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Expires 6/30/21

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kodak 8001893
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Purchase this scanner by 06/30/21 and receive a 1 Year Advanced Unit Exchange (AUR) Warranty from Kodak FREE!

After 06/30/2021 the factory warranty will only be the first 3 months (on site).

Kodak S3120 Scanner


Digitize vital information trapped on paper for use in your ERP and CRM systems. Or be ready for future technologies like RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to further streamline repetitive tasks and free up your workforce. Whether you’re scanning to a fi le or folder or initiating a business process, Kodak S3000 Series Scanners set the new standard for capture accuracy, security, and ease for any industry

Kodak S3120 scanner BLI Award
New and Improved Features
  • TLS encryption when scanning over a network
  • 120 ppm/240 ipm scanning in Bitonal, Grayscale and Color @ 200/300 dpi
  • Perfect Page with iThresholding Image Processing
  • Intelligent Document Protection
  • Large 300-sheet feeder
  • Multi-Feed Detection (ultrasonic)
  • Built-in Image Processing, no reliance on the PC's CPU power
  • Operator Control Panel Graphical 3.5 inch LCD Display
  • Optional rear-side, post-scan imprinter
  • Optional Tethered A3 Flatbed for Exception Scanning
Mission Accomplished

The Kodak i3000 Series Scanners deliver consistently high throughput. Whether you're scanning in color or black and white, at 200 or 300 dpi, images, text or mixed-size documents — it doesn't matter, it just gets done.

Smooth Document Handling

A straight-through paper path and adjustable feeders enhance smooth, safe document handling. Mix weights and sizes in any batch without a hiccup from the big 300-sheet feeder with controlled exit stacking for mixed-batch handling accuracy. Safeguard originals with Intelligent Document Protection (IDP) that alerts you to issues before they become jams, as do our superb multi-feed detection sensors.

kodak S3120 scanner
Watch the 2 minute video

The video above features the S2085f which includes a flatbed. All of the other features are the same for the S3060 and S3120 except for their scanning speed differences.

Perfect Page Superior Image Quality

Because image quality and accuracy are everything for superior OCR, searchable pdf’s and barcode reading, Perfect Page technology turns even poor-quality originals into crisp images automatically. Features like streak removal, background smoothing, image edge fill, and others greatly enhance quality. You’ll minimize manual data entry and be ready for future technologies like RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to further streamline repetitive tasks and free up your workforce.

Built-in Intelligence

The S3000 Series produces the very best image quality capable from within the scanner, without any impact on the rated speed of the scanner or impact on the bandwidth of the PC. The built-in Image Processing takes away that dependence on a high-powered PC, with a powerful embedded processor that handles image processing at the scanner rather than the PC. And Intelligent Barcode Reading produces the most accurate data extraction results and makes document prep easier.

Share Data at the Touch of a Button

Documents that are scanned may need to be distributed to individuals, teams, or systems for automation or storage to be actioned. This can require a multi-step process of scanning to PC, finding the file, renaming the file, attaching to an email, or opening and finding a location in a system.

Large Touch Screen

This scanner offers a large, intuitive color touchscreen and the ability to quickly configure personalized buttons for multiple users. Plus the simplicity of bundled Smart Touch technology, which allows you to get data where it is needed from the push of a button, improving scanning speeds and minimizing post-scan steps.

Take Your Information Further

The scanner allows for easy import of information into TWAIN, ISIS, and Linux based scanning applications. For further connectivity, our RESTful (Web) API offers easy integration into LOB applications, web-based scanning applications, or mobile devices.

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