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Contex HD Ultra Series
36" Large Format Scanners

These models have been discontinued
Contex HD Ultra i4250 Scanner
Shown with the Optional ScanStation Pro Kit
Superior technology for your large-format

HD Ultra is available in 36-inch and 42-inch scan widths and designed for all types of workflow and projects. This scanner meets the need for heavy use, automation, careful handling of fragile and thick originals and so much more. The scanner can scan, copy, file and archive large format images, drawings and documents with impeccably high color accuracy.

As well as great image quality, with the HD Ultra, you also get other useful benefits like the electronic Automatic Thickness Adjustment Control (ATAC) top-lid system and user-configurable keypad functions. HD Ultra can adapt to any high-pace environment – effortlessly.

All the Contex HD Ultra models include a 2 year Parts warranty.

HD ULTRA Series Features

Watch the 2 Minute video:

Scan your documents three times faster and enhance the file in
AutoCAD, ESRI and other document workflows

The new HD Ultra delivers the best quality image in the world today. No matter whether you scan maps, drawings, posters or fine art, you’ll always capture every detail, on the first try. Designed to meet the needs of technical experts, graphic professionals and reprographics departments, the new HD Ultra is simply the best large format scanner available. Choose between 36 or 42 inches width, each in three different configurations to fit your needs for productivity and image quality. A space-saving MFP version is also available.

The ultimate standard for your digitizing needs

With Contex-enhanced CCD imaging, archiving and productivity-boosting features, you get best-in-class image quality and the fastest and most efficient way to scan, copy, file and archive wide format images, drawings, documents and records.

Accelerates workflows

The HD Ultra is built for productivity, and the key to productivity for high-volume applications is speed. Not just “inches per second” but actual throughput. Able to scan three times as many documents in a day as any other scanner and designed to improve document management, the new HD Ultra is all about helping you win projects, boost productivity and lower costs.

Fits in your digital workflow

Compatible with AutoCAD®, ESRI® and other software and printers like HP, Canon, Epson etc., the HD Ultra is astonishingly versatile. Automated paper thickness control, intelligent document size detection, and the ability to handle challenging documents effortlessly mean you can just keep scanning, boosting productivity, winning new business, and ensuring a fast return on your investment.

MFP version available
Our multifunction high-stand option for the HD Ultra turns your large-format printer into a high quality copier while saving space.
Key Features
  • Up to 9600dpi high resolution scanning
  • Upgradable to 8 inches per second color scanning
  • Programmable One-Touch buttons – common tasks can be assigned to 3 simple buttons
  • Exceptional productivity, scanning up to 620 E-size documents per hour
  • User upgradable – Need color? More speed? Higher resolution?
  • Nextimage 5.0 – powerful sharing, archiving, and copying in one application
  • All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) for a perfect grip on your documents
  • ENERGY STAR compliant
  • Includes 2 year parts warranty, upgradable to onsite

HD Ultra 36" Series Prices

HD Ultra i3650s
Color: 4" IPS
Scan width:36"
List Price
HD Ultra i3690s
Color: 8" IPS
Scan width:36"
List Price
All HD Ultra Models scan in Grayscale or
Black/White @ 12 IPS (inches per second)

An activation license can cost between $500 to $4,500, depending on the model.

Prices above do NOT include scanning software or stand.
Please see the accessories tab for those items.

Common Specifications
for ALL the ULTRA Series

Maximum Scan Width
36 in. on the 36xx Series
42 in. on the 42xx Series
36xx Series are field upgradeable
to 42" scan width capable
Maximum Media Width
44 in. (1120 mm)
Optical Resolution
1200 dpi
Maximum Resolution
9600 dpi
Maximum Media Thickness
0.6 in. (15mm)
0.1% +/- 1 pixel
Data Capture (color/mono)
See Table below
Network Workflow
Pull / Push
Color Space
(for color enabled models)
Adobe RGB / Device RGB /
USB with xDTR
Gigabit Ethernet with xDTR2
File formats
TIF, JPG, PDF, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000(JP2), JPEG2000 Extended(JPX), TIF-G3, TIF-G4, others
Device Drivers
64-bit Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista
TWAIN drivers available for use with EDM and other imaging software.
USE / Requirements
110/220/240V,60/50Hz, 80W
Weight & Dimensions
48 kg, LxWxH: 52.8 x 18.7 x 7.9 inches (134 x 47.5 x 20 cm)
*Scanning speeds depend on document width and computer configuration
Contex recommends Intel Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, or better processors, 2GB RAM, Hi-speed USB2.
Speed tests performed using Nextimage software, PC with Intel Core i5-2500 Quad processor, 8GB RAM, Hi-speed USB2, 7200rpm HDD, Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate.

HD Ultra 36 Series Model Comparisons

HD i3650s
HD i3690s
Scanning Speed* (inch/sec.): Scanner speed while scanning 36-inch wide document.
200 dpi RGB Color
4.0" IPS
Upgradeable to 4" per sec/Color
Upgradeable to 8" per sec/Color
200 dpi Grayscale/Monochrome
Productivity* (documents/hour): Batch scanning for 60 minutes. Includes paper load and eject time. Measured in completed scans.
Arch E-size, RGB Color, 200dpi
Arch E-size, Monochrome, 200dpi
A0-size, RGB Color, 200dpi
A0-size, Monochrome, 200dpi
ALL 36" HD Ultra Series models can be user upgraded to scan 42" area wide documents.

Both the 36" and 42" HD Ultra Models use the same "base machine". The configuration on the scanner is program based and will be "unlocked" depending on which model you purchase. Scan Area, Speed, and Color are your 3 (x3) variables.

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