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Document Scanning Services

Order document scanning and indexing services from the pros. ScanTastik has many large corporations and local governments as customers across the country. We have developed reputation for excellent work and favorable pricing.

Ship them to us!

You can ship the documents to us in Atlanta, GA. We will separate the folders, prep and index the documents, scan the paper, post-process the images and place them on compact disk, ready for input into your document imaging system.

An imaging service bureau for 20 years, our people are fast, efficient and trained for the services you need. Don't rely on training temporary help to index your documents or take someone off their job to do this project. This type of project is for people that have the time to work on it every day.

Document scanning and indexing FAQ's

Too many people buy a high speed scanner and instantly become experts. They make a 2 month project into a 2 year cost overrun disaster. Let us scan the "old stuff" and get you started, then you can scan date forward.

Yes, we also OCR, despeckle, deskew, and rotate images. We can perform many post processing operations on the scanned documents, including pdf conversion

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Legacy scanning | Contract scanning

Document scanning


(11x 17)"

All prices are based on a single volume* (50,000 pages or more A, B size.) and delivery of documents scanned @ 300 DPI in Tiff group4 File format,
call for volume pricing

Prices are subject to change based upon such factors as:
Paper condition, indexing, and production scheduling, among other considerations.
document scanning and indexing services priced separately

*Volume is relative to the size and amount of documents

Got a question? We have a document scanning
FAQ page that might help

Need pdf conversion ? We do those too click here!

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