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Document management software is efficient and effective and will pay for itself in a matter of months. Axs-Info is an affordable solution. A software that requires a team of programmers to write changes into the software before the system is installed is unaffordable and costly to maintain. The software should not need a full time programmer to tweak the software every time someone wants a different report printed.

What is a document management software?

-the simplest definition is:

A software system in which documents are imported, then indexed based on a unique value or set of values, and input into a database to be made available across a network for access by a group of users.

What does document management software do ?

The software controls and answers the questions:
  •  who input the documents
  •  what type of document it is
  • when the document was imported
  • where the document(s)s is stored
  • why the document is in the system (keywords)
  • how the document is accessed by the user.
document management software

ScanTastik is a Value Added Reseller for Axs-Info. Axs-Info is developed by Axs-Info Software Inc.

Document Management Software Axs-info

Our own experience:

As a service bureau which scans, indexes and inputs data into a EDMS system, we have seen examples of other document management software where thousands of dollars were spent on programming  to adapt the system to the customer needs, after the company have purchased the 'complete' software package. Don't be fooled into buying software that "can be programmed to fit your company's requirements".  Axs-Info is off-the-shelf document management software, you don't need a team of programmers to make the software work for you. Of course, if you want to add custom features, Axs-Info Software can provide that too.  Axs-Info has an API that works with Windows based programs.

The Axs-Info software can be point-and-click configured. 

Your system administrator can do the tasks you need to do. No calling outside programmers, no need for internal programmers, just point and click configuration.

The Axs-Info Smart Client

The Axs-Info client offers several methods of retrieval including Document /Keyword Searching, and Full-Text Searching. Axs-Info also has a cross-linking feature enables users to double-click on an open document and automatically retrieve any related documents regardless of data type.

Document management features begin here

For more information on Axs-Info Document Management Software
please follow this link to their website

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