Features VRS Elite VRS 5.0 Pro VRS Basic
Crop X X X
Deskew X X X
Edge Cleanup X X X
Auto Brightness X X X
Gamma Correction X X X
Speckle Removal X X X
 Fluent UI X X X
Simplified Installer X X X
Auto Orientation X X N/A
Auto Contrast -Intelligent Cleanup X X N/A
Hole Fill X X N/A
Auto Color Detection X X N/A
Color Suppression X X N/A
Color Smoothing X X N/A
Blank Page Detection X X N/A
AIPE Features X Scan/Import) X (scan) N/A
Enhanced Barcode Scanning X X N/A
Multicore Processing X N/A N/A
Edge Fill X N/A N/A
Merge Sides X N/A N/A
Intelligent Halftone X N/A N/A
Auto Profile X N/A N/A
Device Health X N/A N/A
Shared Profiles Only Available N/A N/A
Shared Licensing With VRS Elite N/A N/A
Kofax Monitor 6.0 License Server N/A N/A
Note: Only VRS Elite uses the VRS Licenese Server however, VRS Pro licenses can be licensed through a Kofax Capture License Server.
Best Sellers
 Canon dr-c225 scanner
Canon dr-c225
25/50 ipm

30 ppm/60 ipm
3 Yr. Wty
$ 479

Kodak i2600 scanner
   Kodak i2600
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 889
3 Yr. Wty.

canon dr-m160ii scanner
Canon dr-M160ii

60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 859

Fujitsu fi-7160 scanner
Fujitsu fi-7160
60 ppm/120 ipm
      $ 879

Fujitsu fi-7260 scanner with flatbed
Fujitsu fi-7260

   with flatbed
60 ppm/120 ipm
     $ 1279

Canon dr-6030C Scanner
Canon dr-6030C
60 ppm/120 ipm
      $ 2969

panasonic kv-s5055c
80 ppm/160 ipm
11"x17" Scans
      $ 3399
     3 Yr. Wty

kodak i3450 flatbed scanner
i3450 w/Flatbed

90 ppm/180 ipm
Canon DR-G1100 scanner
Canon dr-G1100

100 ppm/200 ipm
    High Volume !
       $ 4219

 Best Sellers