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Got a question? we have a short FAQ page that might help..

Please note:

There are 4 different 'flavors' of a PDF file. Before
asking for price quotes for a pdf conversion,
be sure you know which one you want.

We strongly suggest you read the FAQ page first.

Yes, we can also de-speckle, de-skew, and rotate images !!!

pdf scanning prices


(11x 17)"





As Low As**:
$0.05 $0.15 $.75 $.75 $.75 Call

All prices are based on a single volume* of drawings at 200 dpi

Prices are subject to change based upon such factors as:
paper condition, contents, PDF file type and production scheduling.

All pricing subject to $150.00 minimum per project.

*Volume is relative to the size and amount of documents.

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PDF file conversion FAQ

Acrobat pdf files have FOUR flavors, three of which can be read by the 'viewer'
We need to know which flavor your need. The cost, file size and appearance are all different. Choose the one which best fits your need:

  • Image+Hidden text- The viewer will SEE the image as the original scan, but will search only the converted (hidden) text. The search term will be highlighted as a box around the raster text.
  • Image Only- this is as if we just scanned the pages and combined them into a file. These are not searchable, there are only "pictures" of the exact pages.
  • Normal- This is searchable text. (like a book) Images and text are 'one page'. This format comes from publishing a .doc file in MSWord to a PDF format. You are basically converting to a text format and then going into PDF.

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Best Sellers
Kodak i1150
25/50 ipm

30 ppm/60 ipm
3 Yr. Wty
$ 479

Kodak i2600 scanner
   Kodak i2600
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 888
3 Yr. Wty.

canon dr-m160ii scanner
Canon dr-M160ii

60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 839

Fujitsu fi-7160 scanner
Fujitsu fi-7160
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 879
Free scanner offer!

Fujitsu fi-7260 scanner with flatbed
Fujitsu fi-7260

   with flatbed
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 1259
Free scanner offer!

Canon dr-6030C Scanner
Canon dr-6030C
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 2949

panasonic kv-s5055c
80 ppm/160 ipm
11"x17" Scans
$ 3329
3 Yr. Wty

kodak i3450 flatbed scanner
i3450 w/Flatbed

90 ppm/180 ipm

Canon DR-G1100 scanner
Canon dr-G1100

100 ppm/200 ipm
    High Volume !
$ 4149

 Best Sellers