The Kodak Scanner i600 Series

Kodak i610 scanner

The high production scanner workhorses
that you need to complete every project.

80 ppm
160 ipm


80 ppm
160 ipm


100 ppm
200 ipm


120 ppm
240 ipm


Parts for these modesl are located in the parts section


Designed to handle even extreme applications, the i600 Series Scanners are loaded with the features you've asked for. These four sensational desktop scanners--the i610, i620, i640 and i660--offer you exceptional price/performance. Not to mention incredible image quality, super-fast image processing and reliable paper handling. Their auto feeder is sensitive enough to handle rice paper without damaging it. And their onboard optics are powerful enough to scan the most challenging documents. They're easy to use and designed to meet the latest ergonomic standards. Simply put, there’s nothing but performance and precision under the hood of the i600 Series. We've built a lot into them, so you can get a lot out of them.


Recommended Daily Volume

  • Up to 60,000 pages per day

Throughput Speeds: (Based on duplex, landscape-oriented, letter-size documents)

  • 100, 150, 200 dpi (color/grayscale)/200 dpi (bitonal):
    • i6101---80 ppm* (up to 320 ipm**)
    • i620---80 ppm* (up to 320 ipm**)
    • i640---100 ppm (up to 400 ipm)
    • i660---120 ppm (up to 480 ipm)
  • 240, 300 dpi (color/grayscale)/240, 300, 400 dpi (bitonal):
    • i620---53 ppm (up to 212 ipm)
    • i640---66 ppm (up to 264 ipm)
    • i660---80 ppm (up to 320 ipm)

    *ppm (pages per minute)

    1 i610 is bitonal and grayscale only

    **ipm (images per minute) speeds based on simultaneous output of four compressed images for each document scanned--color/bitonal or grayscale/bitonal.

    Specifications subject to change without notice.

More Features

Part Swiss watch.
Part sport utility vehicle.

Kodak i640 scanner

You want imaging that’s as precise as it is powerful? You got it. The i600 Series boasts new and improved image processing features to help maximize your image quality on every scan--without slowing down. Like Perfect Page Scanning with iThresholding, which delivers clean, crisp images at full speed and reduces pre-sorting and re-scans. Skew Angle Determination and Wider Image area enhancements provide an even more accurate deskew, even for A3 size documents. Aggressive Cropping ensures no black borders on your images. And Electronic Color Dropout allows you to remove irrelevant background color without stopping to change lamps. All of which makes you ready for serious scanning.

Like playing with paper. May we suggest an origami class?

The i600 Series features improved SurePath paper handling for a smoother workflow. Its multi-feed detection system uses three ultrasonic sensors for highly reliable detection of adhesive labels and double-feed documents, saving you time and headaches. Plus, it scans all sorts of paper thicknesses--from 7-pound to 110-pound stock. On top of that, the i600 Series features multiple feeding positions to accommodate a wide range of document shapes and sizes, including checks. The output tray is adjustable, so documents are stacked the same way they were fed. What’s more, the Ultra-Lightweight Feed Module accessory allows you to snap in a different feeder and handle even very thin documents.

Life in the fast lane.

Talk about fast--the i600 Series quickly delivers high-quality images via five output modes: color, bitonal, grayscale, simultaneous bitonal and grayscale, or simultaneous bitonal and color. So you can output up to 480 images per minute. And you can scan mixed batches with virtually no pre-sorting and get through your toughest workloads faster than ever. Now, that's some serious horsepower. The i610 is bitonal and grayscale only

Specifications-download the pdf file

The Kodak Scanner i600 Series


  • Exceptional dependability, speed and image quality: Loaded with high-value features, this is one tough machine that’s built for serious scanning.
  • Five output options: Meet essentially every application need. Choose color, bitonal, grayscale, simultaneous bitonal and grayscale, or simultaneous bitonal and color.
  • Perfect Page Scanning with iThresholding: Delivers clean, crisp images at full speed, which reduces pre-sorting, re-scans and post-image processing.
  • SurePath paper handling: The i600 Series is virtually jam-free and damage-free because it’s designed for smooth paper transport from input to output.
  • VRS READY: Offers more options and convenience.
  • Relative cropping: Lets you scan just one area of a document, saving file space and improving OCR read rates.
  • Toggle patch: Instantly switch between bitonal and color scanning, or bitonal and grayscale scanning, as many times as needed, simply by scanning a unique patch code.
  • Dual Xenon lamps: Two long-lasting, mercury-free Xenon lamps give you maximum illumination to help eliminate shadows from wrinkled documents.
  • Bundled ISIS & TWAIN drivers: For trouble-free system integration so you can start scanning the minute you plug it in.
  • Standard IEEE-1394 (FIREWIRE) interface: This fast, industry-standard interface speeds images to your host PC. And we also include the IEEE-1394 card and cable for your convenience.
  • Easy to use, meets ergonomic design standards: We’ve made the i600 Series easy to operate and tough to beat:
    • 500-sheet elevator for easy paper feeding
    • Easy-to-reach input and output tray
    • Easy access to the complete paper path
    • Easy-open design--you can open the hood with one hand
    • Designed for seated operation
    • Easy-to-change rollers and feed modules.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: Our enclosed camera design, along with special vents and filters, keeps dust out of the imaging path. Total access to the paper path allows for easy upkeep.
  • Quiet operation: So quiet you can hear the thoughts of the guy in the next office.
  • Small footprint: Big scanning volume, small size. Its desktop design means it fits just about anywhere.
  • The latest in ultrasonic multi-feed detection: Three ultrasonic sensors flag multi-feeds, so you can capture and image every document.
  • Document imprinter: Pre-scan document imprinting capability is included with every model.
  • Optional Accessories
  • White Imaging Background: Allows you to easily change the imaging background from black to white to maximize your imaging options.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Feed Module: Snap it in and feed even the thinnest documents with confidence.