The Kodak i1860 high speed scanner

A feature set for optimal productivity
For high-volume workloads in any business, the Kodak i1860 scanner is our most productive and durable scanner...ever. Perfect Page image quality, SurePath paper handling, rock-solid construction, a keen eye on ergonomics and a modest footprint all add up to a stunning combination of performance and value.

kodak i1860 scanner
i1860 High Speed Scanner
200 pages per minute / 400 images per minute in 200 dpi, landscape mode.

List Price
$ 85,000

The i1840and i1860 are discontinued.

Please see the newer Kodak i5000 Series.




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Kodak has added iThresholding, a feature that automatically adjusts bitonal brightness and contrast for scanned documents, to its i1860 Series Scanner. An enhancement to Kodak's Perfect Page Scanning, iThresholding is an on-board solution for bitonal applications that reduces the need for presorting, rescans and post-image processing by automatically adjusting for highlighting, low contrast and lightweight paper — situations that previously required manual adjustments.

A further enhancement to the i1800 Series is a new Brightness and Contrast Control feature that allows customers to choose the best color output for the application. Customers can use the default color tables provided, or create and save an infinite number of customized tables.

A new member of the Kodak family...
The KODAK i1860 Series Scanner redefines productivity with:
  • Five output formats—black and white, grayscale or color, plus two dual stream options: black and white and grayscale or black and white and color—for imaging flexibility that meets many downstream needs
  • An adjustable color touch screen for easy operation
  • Automatic color detection “tells” the scanner when to capture
    images in color, which reduces document preparation and helps
    automate scanning
  • Front- or rear-side imprinting, including optional hi-res printing
  • Lockable paper-feeding guides for better control of print location
  • Patch reading and image addressing for precise batch control, document tracking and image management

Kodak’s Sure Path Paper Handling delivers fast, streamlined, jam-free document feeding. Now, it includes the Quickset Elevator, with 500-sheet capacity, fast recycle time and auto-reset mechanism that returns the paper elevator directly to batch position. Just load a batch and go! It also includes 3 ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensors. Our most reliable detection system ever is not fooled by adhesive labels or varying paper thickness, and requires no operator calibration.

These scanners offer color options that let you capture important details like colored stamps, highlights, signatures and more.

Kodak’s new proprietary Tricolor Plus CCD sensor, exclusive to our new high-speed scanners, enables bitonal or color scanning at high resolution and high speed. With on-board Perfect Page Scanning, you’ll scan bitonal and color documents right the first time. And Electronic Color Dropout lets you remove irrelevant background color without stopping to change lamps. The result? Clean, sharp detail and better OCR/ICR read rates.

EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCTIVITY FOR MORE KINDS OF DOCUMENTS. Now, applications with photographs, technical drawings and high exception costs are easily handled. A document with both text and photos can be output as bitonal, color—or both—in a single pass. New Zone Processing helps conserve your storage space. The smaller zone image also “remembers” where on the document it came from—for easy retrieval later. Ideal for pass-ports, insurance claims and more, all page elements will look their best.

MAXIMUM UPTIME! Find out more about the new benchmark in high-speed scanning. And, of course, it’s all backed by Kodak’s renowned Service & Support organization to protect your investment and keep you running.