Kodak 3500 scanner

Kodak 3500 scanner

Kodak Document Scanners 3500

The KODAK 3500 scanner series is hard to beat for mid-range scanning productivity, offering exceptional reliability, ease of use, affordability and now a choice of capabilities

This model has been discontinued
please review the i4200 Series

Kodak 3500 scanner

Hard to beat for mid-range scanning productivity. Both the simplex and duplex models scan any document you load at speeds up to 75 pages per minute ( letter size or A4 landscape format). But the throughput numbers are only part of the story. Add exceptional reliability, ease of use, and affordability, and you'll see that the Scanner 3500 is a great way to improve your scanning efficiency.

The transport system that handles the paper for you.
The state-of-the-art feeder and paper path of the Scanner 3500 virtually eliminate labor-intensive document presorting, jams, and rescans. The feeder accepts and feeds batches of mixed paper sizes and weights. It's easy to add more pages to a stack while scanning for continuous feeding. The transport system gently, yet quickly, moves documents through a short path without sharp bends or constrictions. The result is non-stop scanning that's practically trouble-free.

Easy on your operators.
Easy on your bottom line.

A single button is all you push to run the Scanner 3500. On-board processing maintains image quality automatically. Training itself is fast and simple. The scanner comes with an interactive CD, complete with video clips that instruct and help guide operators through all scanner procedures. So operator turnover isn't a problem with the Scanner 3500.
Industry-standard interfaces and drivers bundled with the Scanner 3500 enable it to support a wide range of applications. The Scanner 3500 is especially suited for departmental and distributed imaging, forms processing and scan-to-web applications. Both simplex and duplex models provide outstanding performance at prices that are hard to beat. User-replaceable parts, such as lamps and feeder and separation rollers, help keep the cost of ownership low by minimizing downtime and service calls. Plus, the Scanner 3500 is protected by your choice of standard or enhanced warranties, and backed by worldwide service and support from Kodak.

Scan with confidence and the Scanner 3500.

Kodak 3500 scanner
Features and Benefits

  • Reliable, forgiving paper transport- virtually eliminates time-wasting interruptions and document pre-sorting to enhance throughput.
  • Simple, two-button operation- enables casual operators to be productive with minimal training.
  • Quiet operation-fits in an office environment.
  • Flexible feeder-handles batches of mixed sizes and weights from onion skin to card stock to save labor; allows reloading while feeding for continuous scanning.
  • Simplex and duplex models-lets you match scanner function to your application without paying for capability you may not need.
  • Adaptive Threshold Processing (ATP)-maintains image quality and host performance through dynamic thresholding and image compression.
  • Automatic overlap/double feed detection-prevents jams and damaged originals.
  • User-replaceable service items- reduce service calls and scanner downtime by allowing operator to swap rollers, lamps, and guides without special tools or training.
  • Warranty-protects your productivity with service from Kodak.
  • Optional dropout color lamps (red, green, blue)-enable scanner for forms processing.
  • Scanner CD support-provides on-line training and help for operators in an informative text/video format.

Kodak 3500 scanner specifications

(8.5" x 11" simplex and duplex)
  • At 200 dpi: Portrait 60 ppm Landscape 75 ppm
  • At 300 dpi: Portrait 40 ppm Landscape 50 ppm

  • Height: 11.5" (29.5 cm)
  • Width: 21" (53.5 cm)
  • Depth: 27.5" (70.0 cm)
  • Weight: 60 lbs. (27 kg)


  • 600 dpi CCD developed by Kodak
  • Output: 200 or 300 dpi
  • Output format: CCITT Group 3-1D, 3-2D, 4 or uncompressed
  • Interface support: SCSI
  • Bundled drivers: ISIS and TWAIN

Environmental factors
  • Operating voltage range: 100 to 130 V AC, or 200 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase
  • Operating temperature: 59 to 86 °F (15 to 30 °C)
  • Operating humidity: 15 to 76% (dry bulb)
  • Altitude: up to 8,000 feet (2,400 meters)
  Source document input
  • Minimum: 2.5" L x 2.5" W (6.4 x 6.4 cm)
  • Maximum: 26" L x 11.7" W (66.0 x 29.7 cm)
  • Thickness: 0.0015" to 0.0300" (0.038 mm to 0.760 mm)
  • Weights: 13 to 110 lbs. (50 to 200 g)
  • Feeder capacity: 150 page stack
    (can be reloaded continuously for infinite feeding while scanning)
  • Throat width: 12" (30.4 cm)

Acoustical characteristics
  • sound power (max.) 70 dBA Lwa
  • sound pressure (max.) 64 dBA Lpa

  • ADA, CSA 950, CE Mark, CISPR22 Class B, C-Tick Mark, DOC, EN 55022 Class B, EN 60-950, European Eco-label, FCC Part 15, Subpart J, Class A, IEC 950, ISO 1043-1, ISO 1043-2, ISO 1043-3, ISO 11469, UL 1950, VCCI Class 1
Warranty (US and Canada only)
  • Standard 90 day new product on-site warranty
  • 1, 2 or 3-Year Extended Warranties (available in optional KODAK Care Kit packaged services)
  • Installation and operator training (available in optional KODAK Care Kit packaged services)

Maintenance Agreements
  • Include telephone support, travel, service parts, unlimited labor and preferential response.

Download the PDF Specification sheet on both the 3500 and the 3510 Click Here