Kodak scanner models

The following are kodak scanner models that are NO LONGER in production

These models are not available for sale. We simply list them here for reference.

Kodak i1120 SCANMATE Scanner Kodak i1120 scanner

20/40 ipm
color duplex scanner.

Kodak i40 scanner

32/64 ipm
color duplex scanner.

kodak i1220 scanner Kodak i1220 scanner
Ended 2011

(i1210 too)
Kodak i1320 scanner Kodak i1320 scanner
Ended 6/2011

(i1310 too)

kodak i65 flatbed

Kodak i65 scanner

32 ppm 64 ipm
Duplex Color scanner with flatbed.

Kodak i1180 scanner
40 PPM  - 80 IPM
Up to 4,000 pages per day
ADF holds 50 pages for feeding
Discontinued 1/2016
Kodak i2400 scanner
30 PPM  - 60 IPM
Up to 4,000 pages per day
ADF holds 50 pages for feeding
Discontinued 10/2015
Kodak i2600 scanner
50 PPM 100 IPM
Up to 6,000 pages per day
ADF holds 75 pages for feeding
Kodak i2800 scanner
70 PPM 140 IPM
Up to 8,000 pages per day
ADF holds 100 pages for feeding
Kodak i260
Kodak i280
Kodak i260 scanner

Kodak i280 scanner
Bowe Bell Howell Sidekick 1400U  Sidekick 1200
Bowe Bell Howell Sidekick 1400U Sidekick 1400U
Kodak i1410 scanner
Simplex 60 pages per minute
12K Daily Duty cycle
Kodak i1420 scanner
60/120 ppm

Kodak i1440 scanner
75/150 ppm

kodak i4200 Kodak i4200
100 ppm 200 ipm
(Landscape B/W, Color
@ 200 and 300 dpi)
kodak i4200 Kodak i4600
120 ppm 240 ipm
(Landscape B/W, Color
@ 200 and 300 dpi)
kodak 3610 scanner Truper

kodak 3210 scanner Truper

Kodak 3500

Kodak 3500 scanner

75 PPM landscape

Kodak 3520
Kodak 3520 scanner

85 PPM 170 IPM
Kodak i600 Series:


kodak i780 scanner Kodak i700 Series
Kodak i840

Kodak i800 series scanners

Up to 127 PPM/ 250 IPM

i810, i820, i830 and i840 model

kodak i1860 scanner 
The Kodak i1840

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Best Sellers
Kodak i1150
25/50 ipm

Kodak i2600 scanner
   Kodak i2620
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 879
3 Yr. Wty.

canon dr-m160ii scanner
Canon dr-M160ii

60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 829

KV-S1057C scanner

65 ppm/130 ipm
3 Yr. Warranty

fi-7260 Scanner flatbed
Fujitsu fi-7260
Flatbed scanner
60 ppm/120 ipm

Panasonic kv-s2087 scanner
85 ppm/170 ipm
$ 2053
3 Yr. Wty

Canon dr-6030C Scanner
Canon dr-6030C
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 2729

kodak i3450 flatbed scanner
i3450 w/Flatbed

90 ppm/180 ipm

Canon DR-G1100 scanner
Canon dr-G1100

100 ppm/200 ipm
    High Volume !
$ 4139

 Best Sellers