Kodak Scanmate i940

The Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner

Kodak i940 portable scanner with docs

Can be powered with a separate AC Adapter or
can be powered VIA a USB cable to a PC/laptop

20 PPM /40 IPM via direct power
PPM = Pages per minute. IPM = Images per minute, meaning 1 sheet of paper will generate 2 images, one from the front side and 1 from the back side. A duplex scanner like the Kodak i940 will generate 2 images at the same time in "duplex" mode.

Three Year Warranty !

The information organizer that won’t take up your whole desk. Or your whole day

The compact KODAK SCANMATE i940 Scanner saves desk space with its small footprint, and saves time by automating repetitive tasks. Plus, it creates crisp, clear images and easily readable text on the first scan.


Kodak i940 Scanner

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Kodak scanmate i940 Features

Know what it feels like to get ahead.

With Kodak’s Smart Touch functionality, the KODAK SCANMATE i940 gets important business documents into your information network in an instant. That’s because Smart Touch automates multiple-step scanning operations by capturing, processing, and sending information for you. At the touch of a button, Smart Touch helps you make e-mail attachments, picture files, searchable PDFs, and more. Plus it files documents or sends them to “the cloud.” For example, if a business configured its ID card scanning process as Option 2, an employee could simply select “2” on the scanner display. The ID card would be scanned, processed, and sent to its proper destination — automatically

Eight great things you can do with the KODAK SCANMATE i940 Scanner to get ahead
  • Save space - compact, highly portable design takes up less desk space.
  • Save time - SmartTouch performs multiple-step scanning and organizing operations automatically
  • Make great images- Kodak 'Perfect Page document imaging is built in - just presss the button and get great images with bright colors and crisp text.
  • Scan it all - reliably handles a wide range of document with the 20 sheet automatic document feeder, including extra-long documents, business cards, ID cards, and embossed hard cards.
  • Stay in contact - Bundled software helps you easily edit and synchronize business card info with your contact applications.
  • Integrate easily - TWAIN and ISIS drivers allow quick compatibility with most scanning software.
  • Get peace of mind. - Kodak's three year limited warranty supports Kodak's commitment to superior workmanship.
  • Upgrade your Capture Desktop to Kodak Capture Pro edition for even more scanning application features like indexing, bar code recognition, and database verification.
  • Download the free Mac OS drivers and run on a Mac !


i940 scanner closed



Scanmate i940
Technical Specifications

Recommended Daily Volume

Up to 1,000 pages per day

Throughput Speeds

(portrait, letter size) ON AC POWER

Bitonal/grayscale: Up to 20 ppm/40 ipm at 200 dpi. (AC Powered). Color up to 15 ppm/30 ipm at 200 dpi.(AC Powered).


Throughput Speeds

(portrait, letter size) ON USB POWER

Bitonal/grayscale/color: Up to 8 ppm/16 ipm at 200 dpi.

Optical Resolution

600 dpi

Maximum Document Size

8.5 in. x 60 in.

Minimum Document Size

3.2 in. x 2.1 in.


ADF: Up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper. The feeder can handle a variety of small documents such as ID cards, business cards, insurance cards and embossed hard cards/


USB 2.0

Bundled Software

TWAIN, ISIS, WIA drivers. SmartTouch, NEWSOFT Presto! BizCard software

Imaging Features

(in the scanner)

Perfect Page Scanning, iThresholding, automatic image straightening (deskew), auto cropping, image rotation, electronic color dropout, dual stream scanning, image merge, image edge fill, content-based blank page removal, automatic brightness and contrast

File Format Outputs

Single and multi-page TIFF, JPEG, RTF, PDF, searchable PDF

Warranty (US)

Three-year warranty (Advanced Unit Replacement)

Electrical Requirements

AC Power Supply and/or USB power via USB connector to the host computer.

Energy Star Qualified.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP SP3 (32-bit/64 bit), Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 7 SP1(32-bit/64-bit)

Apple Mac OS


Height: 3.1 in. with tray closed,
Width: 11.4 in. with tray closed,
Depth: 4.2 in. with tray closed,
Weight: 2.9 lbs., not incuding power adapter


Kodak i940 / i920 models
Scanner Parts & Supplies

CAT No. Description Price Cart

i920/940 Feed Module Assembly

Includes:1 per package Usage: the roller has the potential to scan up to 20,000 pages.


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i920/940 Separation Module Assembly

Includes:1 per package Usage: the roller has the potential to scan up to 10,000 pages.


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Staticide Wipes for Kodak Digital Science Scanners

Includes: 6 boxes of 24

 Usage: approximately 1 per day.


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transport cleaning sheets

Scanner Transport Cleaning sheets
50 sheets per package Works Great!
Feed the sheet through and IT cleans the scanner transport for you !
Usage 2-4 times per 8 hour shift of scanning.


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kodak scanner parts Kodak Digital Science Roller Cleaning Pads

Includes: 24 per package

 Usage: approximately one pad per day or more frequently if required.


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