ScanCare Fujitsu Service Program

The Fujitsu Service Advantage
  • Provides regularly scheduled maintenance that improves performance and productivity
  • Convenient delivery of consumables kit (s) gives you what you need, when you need it.
  • Reduces unnecessary service calls by offering training in product features and routine maintenance
  • Helps improve on-site arrival time with 4-hour response time option
  • The ScanCare and ScanCare Plus programs are the only FCPA-Authorized service programs for combining remedial and preventative maintenance for Fujitsu Scanners.

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ScanCare® is Fujitsu's Premium service offering and one of the most comprehensive service programs in the industry. It combines scheduled preventive maintenance, timely delivery of scanner consumables and training with Basic on-site service including spare parts, labor and travel.

ScanCare is available as an upgrade to the existing standard Limited Warranty.

ScanCare, Post-Warranty is available as an upgrade to the existing standard Limited Warranty and may be purchased in single or multi-year increments. You choose next business day, 4-hour or 24/7 response time options to suit the needs of your business.

Terms and conditions apply. A service contract must be executed to purchase all service programs and options.

Reduce Downtime. Maximize Productivity
With the ScanCare program, customers receive scheduled deliveries of scanner consumables, ensuring that they have them when they need them. To further increase service efficiency, a Fujitsu Certified Service Provider will provide on-site preventative maintenance calls at scheduled intervals, greatly reducing the possibility of lost productivity. Finally, ScanCare customers receive a comprehensive training session on routine operator maintenance procedures, enabling them to reduce the number of unnecessary service calls.

Priority Service for Select Products
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. (FCPA) recognizes that even a few hours of downtime can make a big impact on our customer's business. To address this, we offer ScanCare Priority Service on several scanners. Available in select metropolitan areas across the nation, Priority Service ensures dramatically faster response times.

How the ScanCare Program Works
When the ScanCare or ScanCare Plus order is placed, a Service Activation Kit is sent to the customer. The customer completes the Service Activation Card inside the kit and returns it to FCPA with the proof of purchase. Once FCPA receives the completed Service Activation Card, ScanCare coverage will begin.

It is important to note that if a scanner's limited warranty service has lapsed and suggested maintenance was not performed, FCPA may evaluate the product to determine if additional charges are needed to restore the product to the required maintenance level.

Questions & Answers

Q. What is the difference between ScanCare and ScanCare Plus?
A. ScanCare Plus combines the contents of ScanCare with a one year post-warranty on-site maintenance contract.

Q. How long am I covered by ScanCare?
A. Both ScanCare and ScanCare Plus provide one full year of coverage. ScanCare is purchased in conjunction with your standard one-year scanner warranty. ScanCare Plus is purchased as an option to the one-year post-warranty service contract.

Q. Can I purchase ScanCare directly from Fujitsu?
A. To ensure that you get the best-quality service, ScanCare and ScanCare Plus are only sold through Fujitsu-authorized distributors and partners.

Q. Who will perform the on-site service?
A. Fujitsu is pleased to announce Access Corporation as our certified service partner supporting the ScanCare programs. Access has been in the business of providing premier product support for more than thirty years. As a third-party service provider supporting over 1,800 customers across North America, Access continues to gain market share and recognition by focusing on the basic philosophy of superior customer satisfaction.

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