*** Fujitsu S1500 Bundle ***

ScanSnap S1500 scanner
AND Rack2-Filer v5.0 software

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$ 595.00

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$ 441.00

Rack2-Filer 5.0
Software ONLY

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Organizing and e-filing digital data is a snap with Rack2-Filer!
Rack2-Filer is a feature-rich scanning and digital data archiving application incorporating an ultra-intuitive user interface that gives users the benefits of what they love best about the paper world while harnessing the power and sophistication they depend upon within the electronic realm. With Rack2-Filer and your Fujitsu scanner, you can easily scan, print, edit, distribute and organize all of your digitized documents.
The Rack2-Filer software does NOT work with Mac OS, only Windows Operating Systems.
Rack2-Filer Features

Easy to understand and operate

  • Rack2-Filer creates a life-like experience with digital content through the use of virtual cabinets and e-binders. While flipping through pages, users can add highlights, divider sheets, and sticky notes to enhance the organizational value of their archive.

Searching for information made simple

  • With Rack2-Filer's built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, content can be made searchable by word, phrase or number. Even the "sticky notes" and "binder titles" can be searched.

Reduce paper clutter and save time

  • Rack2-Filer enables users to scan and store digital data in a very efficient way, providing several powerful tools and time-saving features to keep your content highly accessible, exceptionally organized, and working hard for you. Paper just can't compete

Rack2-Filer V5.0 System Requirements
Compatible Operating Systems(1) Windows® 2000
Windows® XP Windows® Vista™
CPU Intel® Pentium® III processor 600MHz or higher Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 1.8GHz or higher
Memory capacity 256MB or higher
(recommended: 512MB or more)
512MB or higher
(recommended: 1GB or more)
Display 800 x 600 pixels or more
Disk capacity System drive: 10MB or more disc space
Installation drive: 310MB or more disc space*
*Additional space is required for the data created by Rack2-Filer

Getting organized with Rack2-Filer is easy and enjoyable. With the push of a button, you can scan your documents directly onto the Work Area or inside an open e-binder. Rack2-Filer also accepts digital content created by other software such as spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing files. But for even greater flexibility, if an application can print, you can select the Rack2-Filer ImageWriter to quickly create e-binders containing images of your e-mails, web pages, on-line financial statements, technical manuals and much more. Rack2-Filer provides several tools to keep your content organized, presentable, and accessible.

*** Fujitsu S1500 Bundle

ScanSnap S1500
with Rack2-Filer v5.0

List Price
$ 595
Your Price


Download the Rack2 Filer 5.0
datasheet here


Here are just a few features inside Rack2-Filer version 5.0

  • Scan PDF and JPG files directly into binders
  • Drag binders from one cabinet to another
  • Apply pictures to make binders distinctive
  • Flip through pages or jump to a section
  • Create divider sheets for organizing content
  • Use the highlighter tool with color palette
  • Attach digital sticky notes to pages
  • Import word documents, presentations and spreadsheets
  • OCR to search by keyword or phrase
  • Manipulate content on the virtual Work Area
  • Use magnification tool to see finer details
  • Select ImageWriter to print content into binder

Rack2-Filer Version 5.0 Software ONLY:

List Price $249.00 Your Price $199.00
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