Canon DR-6080 scanner

List Price
$ 7560.00

discontinued 6/2005

This model has been discontinued and replaced by the DR-7550C


60 PPM /120 IPM (B/W)
 10,000 page Daily Duty Cycle
 Up to 11x17 scanning size

The DR-6080 is an extremely versatile document scanner that delivers high performance for today’s typical document-imaging workstations. As the demands for today’s workstations progress, the DR-6080 will quickly become the standard for flexible configurations and reliable duty-cycles. Outputs include jpeg, tiff and PDF. ( black & white or grayscale only)

When advanced technology and simple economics are the rule, productivity reigns.

Its affect on the bottom line is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Leave it to Canon to raise the bar for high-volume production scanning, then bring it within reach of more businesses than ever before. Forget conventional production scanners, Canon’s DR-6080 so dramatically alters the concept of price-performance, volume alone no longer is the determining factor for features and capabilities. A true high-speed, desktop production scanner, it features many of the most wanted bells and whistles, yet fits comfortably into modest budgets never before able to justify this level of performance.

More than just basic scanning, Canon’s DR-6080 is the reason virtually any business now can expect outstanding image quality, easy handling, and optimized throughput. Canon’s DR-6080 more than meets the demanding requirements of dedicated document imaging. At Canon, we’ve found that setting new standards isn’t only about raising the bar.

Sometimes it’s about lowering the barriers.

You may be impressed by duplex scanning rates of up to 60 pages per minute (black and white or grayscale).

Or when scanning letter-sized documents in landscape mode, the DR-6080 can achieve duplex speeds of up to 140 images per minute (ipm). Ultimately, it’s the ability to handle large, decentralized processing jobs that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line. Canon’s DR-6080 hits the ground running right out of the box, providing connectivity options for simple installation, with the included SCSI-III and USB 2.0 dual interfaces for high-speed connectivity with industry-standard ISIS® and TWAIN drivers. The ease with which you attain such multi-platform compatibility lowers installation costs and streamlines integration. Your output options expand even more with Canon’s unique MultiStream™ technology, enabling you to generate multiple images in various combinations from a single scan, whether it be black and white, grayscale, or R/G/B color dropout. Applications with multiple processing and archiving requirements can be scanned in one pass, with virtually no reduction in throughput. It’s enough to raise your expectations, even the loftiest.

Reliable image quality. More than a promise, a Canon trademark.

An early warning system that minimizes downtime en route.

Image quality produced by the DR-6080 is nothing if not consistent day after day, covering the full range of document management applications from OCR and forms processing to saving documents as PDF files.

Capable of producing both black-and-white and grayscale images, the DR-6080 is enhanced by an optical resolution of 600 dpi. Scanned images—forms, contracts, highlighted text, and valuable information— are captured with remarkable clarity and detail by Canon’s own Contact Image Sensors, maintaining maximum throughput at high speeds. Additional fine-tuning of image quality also takes place each time the automatic smoothing and shading functions are activated.

A forgotten staple is enough to wreak havoc in the paper path, cause a breakdown in the system, or a major job interruption. Even if it only requires jam clearing or exception scanning, it negatively affects throughput. That’s why the DR-6080 features Canon’s exclusive, patented on-board Staple Detection System.

Like a sixth sense, it automatically halts the scanning process whenever it detects an errant staple that could damage the device. Left undetected, such errors might compromise the document, or worse, cause the loss of critical information. Also built in is the versatile Ultrasonic Multifeed Detector, Canon’s most sensitive detection system ever. It employs a patented multiple-sensing technique to monitor documents for double-feeding. Upon detection of a potential overlap or double-feed, scanning is suspended while an Error Alert is sent to the operator for immediate correction.

You control throughput.

More than a platform,
a springboard.

Throughput can be measured in many ways, sometimes in leaps and bounds. The key to enhanced throughput begins with Canon’s 500-sheet Automatic Document Feeder. It frees you from such labor intensive duties as presorting, job-preparation, and the need to rescan. So all you have do is load a batch of mixed documents into the tray and hit "scan." The DR-6080 will perform many functions automatically, for continuous scanning at its best

Along with industry-standard interfaces and drivers, the Canon DR-6080 also comes bundled with Canon’s CapturePerfect 2.0 scanning software.
A powerful plug-and-play application, it provides an easy-to-use scanning interface and a choice of output formats for compatibility with popular imaging systems. CapturePerfect makes it easy to save images in PDF format, scan-to-E-mail, and provides a variety of powerful scanning tools. Several available options, such as an Imprinter, Endorser, and Bar Code Software Module, offer full support for document tracking, as well.

An automatic document feeder
should go to great lengths.

But when it’s a Canon DR-6080 feeder, it should go to great widths and thicknesses, as well. The ultimate in flexibility, this rugged feeder is designed to handle virtually any kind of document, from onion skin to card stock, and as large as 11" x 17". It will self-adjust automatically to each document size or thickness in a mixed batch. No nudging, repositioning, or straightening needed. And only a minimum of operator intervention is required. Perform multiple tasks with a single pass. Scan the front and back at the same time. On-board JPEG compression and recognition of text orientation to correctly rotate the image, as well as both hardware and software de-skewing capabilities further enhance your output options. About the only shifting you may have to do is in your priorities.