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The Canon DR-5020 scanner

List Price

$ 7560.00

Please see the newer model, the Canon dr-5010C

This model does not have end-user serviceable parts.


Scanning Speeds: Simplex /Duplex

200 dpi: 53 ppm 105 ipm
300 dpi: 36 ppm 70 ipm

11"x17" document size scanning

The DR-5020 is an extremely versatile document scanner that delivers high performance for today’s typical document-imaging workstations. As the demands for today’s workstations progress, the DR-5020 will quickly become the standard for flexible configurations and reliable duty-cycles.

Reliable High speed scanning

Even small documents, such as business cards and checks through 11x 17 documents, can be scanned reliably and intermixed at high speed. With speeds up to 90 pages per minute* for 8-1/2 x 11 documents, it will make short work of high-volume, time-sensitive processing. The DR-5020 offers a host of unique features designed to make image scanning an effortless part of your work flow process.


High Capacity Feeding

A standard, large-capacity document feeder can hold up to 500 standard documents. A variety of documents can be scanned covering a wide range of size and paper thickness, since adjustment for both are completely automatic. A unique Dynamic Skew Correction feature straightens skewed documents automatically during feeding, so stacks of intermixed paper sizes can be processed quickly and accurately.


Very Friendly

Operation is very simple, either by application software or by a touch of a button. All scanner setups, such as density adjustment and normal scanning functions, can be controlled by either the convenient operation panel or via driver interface.

Furthermore, documents are fed and received at the front of the unit making it ideal for desktop applications. Connectivity couldn’t be simpler with a choice of three included drivers: ISIS® and TWAIN drivers certified by Pixel Translations, and Canon’s own driver.

Function Sheets

By feeding the supplied Function Sheets together with your documents, the scanner will automatically detect the requested function and sets the predetermined scanning modes. For example, Function Sheets instruct for the intermixing of different document types, so single-sided or double-sided scanning and batching can be done without interruption. Reproducible master function sheets are packaged with the DR-5020.

Special Document Handling

When scanning large quantities of small documents such as checks, a special receiving tray is included for the DR-5020. It ensures that originals are neatly stacked and received in order once scanned. A handy "count-only" mode is available for verification or if a simple document count is required. Four user-programmable function keys store custom scanner setups for faster processing of diverse work.

Optional Enhancements

An imprinter option prints specified numerals, characters and symbols at any position on the scanned documents. The optional Endorser ED-600 allows you to print an eight-digit number and/or any characters on the document during scanning. A must for meeting federal cc: regulations or if a "scanned" verification stamp is required. For bar-coded documents, a barcode decoder can be added at any time, for automatic interpretation.

Dr-5020 Specifications

Type: Desktop Document Scanner

Document Feeding: Automatic or Manual

Document Size: width: 2-3/16" - 11-11/16"

length: 2-3/4" - 17"

Thickness: Automatic feeding: 0.06mm - 0.15mm

Manual feeding: 0.06mm - 0.20mm

Scanning Element: Contact Image Sensor

Light Source: LED

Operating Modes: Simplex, Duplex, Photo,

Text, Auto Exposure

Scanning Resolution: 200/300/400 dpi

Scalable from 200 dpi to 300 dpi

by 10-dpi increments

Automatic Feeder: Dynamic Skew Correction System

Stacker Capacity:

Approx: 500 sheets (80g/m2, up to Letter/A4 sizes)

Interface: SCSI-II


High-speed Modes (interpolated): 200 x 100 dpi (200 dpi)

300 x 150 dpi (300 dpi)

Scanning Speeds*: Simplex /Duplex

200 dpi: 53 ppm 105 ipm
200 dpi High Speed: 90 ppm 180 ipm
300 dpi: 36 ppm 70 ipm
300 dpi High Speed 67 ppm 134 ipm

* Examples based on typical settings, rated in Images Per Minute with letter-sized documents, portrait feeding direction @ 200 dpi with AE off. Actual processing speeds may vary based on PC performance and application software.

Scanner Drivers: For Windows® 95 and Windows NT® 4.0: ISIS/TWAIN/CANON

Dimensions: (W x H x D): 16-15/16" x 19-11/16" x 10-1/4"

Weight: Approx. 44 lb. (20kg)

Power Consumption: Maximum 120W


Endorser ED-600, Barcode Decoder, Imprinter, LED Sensor Unit

(Red For Form Drop-out)

* Letter-sized portrait w/o AE @ 200 x 100 dpi excluding first-page scanning. Windows and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. ISIS is a registered trademark of Pixel Translations, Inc Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc.

IMAGEANYWARE is a service mark of Canon U.S.A., Inc.

All other terms and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, and are hereby acknowledged. All specifications subject to change without prior notice.