Canon dr-2080c

The Canon DR-2080C scanner

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This model was replaced by the dr-2010c

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dr 2080c

20 pages per minute/ 40 images per minute


Fill the desktop with productivity, not equipment.

For today’s small businesses and distributed
scanning applications, the ultra-compact Canon
DR-2080C offers a level of high performance that makes it anything but a lightweight. The product of radical reshaping, defined by its sleek profile and
ergonomic design, it has a footprint so small it fits into the tightest spaces—even your budget. At a mere 5.5 lb., Canon’s DR-2080C scanner carries a lot of weight, yet still leaves you extra elbow room. A little clout, without any clutter.

Who said you can’t shrink to greatness... and at the same time, increase productivity?

There’s never been a better reason to take the big leap into high-performance scanning—especially now that it’s been trimmed down, both in size and price, yet without any reduction in image quality. It’s what makes Canon’s DR-2080C such an incredible value—the undisputed leader in its class.


This is where the line between entry-level and high-end starts to blur.

The DR-2080C scanner offers superior high resolution, up to 600 dpi for all your 24-bit color, grayscale, and black-and-white scanning needs. It captures even the most intricate details of text and photos, all in a single pass. And does it continuously, at incredible scanning speeds—up to 20 pages per minute/simplex mode, and 40 images per minute/duplex mode. Together, these features produce the kind of throughput you never thought possible at this level.

A firm grip on paper-handling.

The DR-2080C is built to the same performance standards inherent in Canon’s renowned family of DR-Scanners. Able to scan batches of mixed documents of different sizes, shapes, and weight, it defies convention, redefining the limits of the category. With its unique feeding system, throughput is increased, and presorting delays are kept to a minimum. Even multipart forms are easily scanned using the convenient bypass. All of which makes Canon’s DR-2080C scanner the one you can rely on to deliver uninterrupted performance, through thick and thin.

Save the data, not the form.

The programmable Color Dropout feature automatically removes red, green, or blue for more efficient forms-processing. By dropping out the color of the form template or background, only the data is captured for higher accuracy and smaller file sizes.

Fewer demands on the user create a more user-friendly experience.

It’s the ultimate user-friendly interface between man and machine—the virtual Scan Panel, making image processing and contrast adjustments easy for anyone. The Pre-Scan feature allows dynamic image quality adjustments on the first page to be applied to an entire batch—without rescanning. Twenty user-preference profiles can be programmed and stored using the ISIS"/TWAIN driver for fast, easy access to frequently used settings. Automatic image cleanup features can detect and remove blank pages automatically, or deskew, crop, and eliminate borders on images as needed, for truly simple operation.

Scan and send. Seamlessly.

Scanned batches of documents are easily attached to E-mail in a choice of file formats with Canon’s Capture Perfect bundled software. Also unique to this software is a PDF capability that makes it easy to create searchable files with built-in Optical Character Recognition of text data. And with the comprehensive ISIS/TWAIN driver set, compatibility with a wide range of application software is ensured. Plus, the DR-2080C scanner is equipped with a high-speed USB2.0 and a SCSI-II interface, providing flexible connectivity options.

Canon dr-2080c


Type: Compact Document Scanner

Item #: 7862A002

Document-feeding: Automatic or Manual

Document Size:† Width: 2.16" – 8.5"

Length: 2.75" – 14"

Thickness: Automatic-feeding: 0.06mm – 0.15mm

Manual-feeding: 0.05mm – 0.2mm

Scanning Element: Contact Image Sensor

Light Source: RGB LED

Operating Modes: Simplex, Duplex, Color, Grayscale, Black and White

Drop-out Colors: RGB, User-selectable

Optical Resolution: 600 dpi

Output Resolution: 100/150/200/300/400/600 dpi

Scanning Speeds

(USB 2.0 or SCSI-II)* Simplex Duplex

Black and White: 20 ppm 40 ipm

Grayscale (8-bit): 20 ppm 40 ipm

Color (24-bit @ 150 dpi): 10 ppm 20 ipm

Stacker Capacity: 50 Sheets (Letter-sized)

Interface Ports: USB 2.0 (Cable Included) SCSI-II

Scanner Drivers: For Windows® 95/98/2000/Me/XP, Windows NT:® ISIS, TWAIN

Bundled Software: Canon Capture Perfect

Dimensions (H x W x D): 8.25" x 11.7" x 3.89"

Weight: 5.5 lb.

Power Consumption: Max. 28W

Options: Optional Carrying Case 0249V914

Exchange Roller Kit 7982A001

CarePAK Extended Service Program 7982A004

dr 2080c

Canon dr-2080c

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