Canon Warranty Services

The Canon eCarePAK Extended Service Plan has been created so that you feel confident with your scanner purchase even beyond the Canon warranty period.

Buying a Canon Scanner was a very smart choice.  These scanners offer the highest levels of performance available.  Your investment will pay off in efficiency and the satisfaction of high quality images.


What is the eCarePAK and Why Do You Need It?
To support these products, Canon offers the eCarePak
 Extended Service Plan for your scanner.

This program entitles the owner to all of the benefits of the Advanced Exchange Program:

  • The Advanced Exchange Program is a convenient way for you to obtain a replacement Canon scanner when it requires service -  before sending it back to Canon for repair.
  • Enables you to minimize your downtime by having the defective product exchanged for a comparable refurbished product usually by the next business day (two business days for Alaska and Hawaii).

The eCarePak
 comprehensive service package goes into effect on the day the original scanner limited warranty expires.  Once your replacement scanner arrives, simply place the defective scanner in the empty case and send it back to us.  See the back panel for item numbers.

Activation of your eCarePak
In order to activate your the eCarePak
 Extended Service Plan, you must register on-line at www.eCarePak
. When prompted, type in the registration number from the back of the eCarePak
 registration card (scratch off to reveal number).  Canon U.S.A. will then send you a Plan Certificate which identifies your scanner by model and serial number.   Once you receive this document, you are under the complete care of the eCarePak
 Extended Service Plan, and can rest assured that your product will be fully covered.
Technical Assistance through the Help Desk
Canon Information Technology Systems (CITS) is responsible for providing you with state-of-the-art technical support via telephone.   The expertise of our technical personnel will serve to assist you with your problem and make every attempt at a resolution.  The Help Desk is at your disposal Monday through Friday 8a.m. - 8 p.m. (EST).
For eCarePak's with On-Site Service
You can opt for nine months or a whole year of this plan, whichever is appropriate. You’ll receive toll-free phone support from our team of experts for the duration. Once we determine that your problem requires on-site repair, we’ll send a technician directly to your site.
PREVENT DOWNTIME. We’ll also provide one preventive maintenance visit during the term of your agreement.  Usually, it’s between the sixth and last month, but you can request it sooner. By preempting problems, you can reduce or avoid downtime, and keep your Canon scanner in top condition.


Access Services. The nationwide service organization
chosen by Canon to install and maintain its DR-Series Scanners. Access Services offers a complete selection of installation and service packages, and the expertise to be your company’s top choice.


Proper installation gives your Canon scanner the best possible start. A field service engineer will install your new scanner on site, hook it up to your existing network, and give it a test run. The process usually, takes about one hour. Need us to install Canon accessories, such as endorsers or imprinters, with your new scanner? Simply make sure they’re on site when our field service engineer arrives. We’ll include this service as part of the plan. Call ScanTastik for pricing on your model.

Installation and Training

First, we’ll expertly install your new Canon scanner. Then we’ll train the staff members of your choice to use and maintain it. Your operators will learn how to set up and run jobs, and perform basic tasks like cleaning the scanner and clearing paper jams. We’ll also teach the basics in diagnosing errors. The whole process, including installation, takes about two hours. Call ScanTastik for pricing on your model.
Best Sellers
Kodak i1150
25/50 ipm

30 ppm/60 ipm
3 Yr. Wty
$ 479

Kodak i2600 scanner
   Kodak i2600
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 888
3 Yr. Wty.

canon dr-m160ii scanner
Canon dr-M160ii

60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 839

KV-S1057C scanner

65 ppm/130 ipm
3 Yr. Warranty

fi-7260 Scanner flatbed
Fujitsu fi-7260
Flatbed scanner
60 ppm/120 ipm

Canon dr-6030C Scanner
Canon dr-6030C
60 ppm/120 ipm
$ 2949

panasonic kv-s5055c
80 ppm/160 ipm
11"x17" Scans
$ 3329
3 Yr. Wty

kodak i3450 flatbed scanner
i3450 w/Flatbed

90 ppm/180 ipm

Canon DR-G1100 scanner
Canon dr-G1100

100 ppm/200 ipm
    High Volume !
$ 4149

 Best Sellers