The Calcomp WIDEsystemNET Kit

WIDEsystemNET Program

The WIDEsystemNET program is designed to integrate your wide format scanner with your overall system. The program contains the actual tools that bring your scanner together with Windows. In addition, WIDEsystemNET contains a scanner control interface that lets you monitor functions on your large format-scanning device directly from your Windows system interface  tray.
Scan to net

 WIDEsystemNET enables companies to share one or more scanners across their departments -no matter their location. With WIDEsystemNET and compatible NET scan or copy software (WIDEimageNET, JETCopyNET), a scanner can send scans directly to computers (clients) on the local network or across the internet. WIDEsystemNET contains both SCAN server and SCAN client software modules.

WIDEimageNET, JETCopyPRONET sold separately.

WIDEsystemNET is designed specifically for Calcomp scanners under Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT4.0, 2000, XP.
  • Gain visual indication that the scanner is connected to the PC.
  • View the scanner's status, called the Scanner Mode, by moving the mouse over the scanner icon on the system tray.
  • Status messages include remaining warm-up time, interface connection errors, and an indication that the scanner is ready for scanning.
  • View useful Error messages that relate to the current Scanner Mode.
  • View the load status of the original to be scanned.
  • View the scanner log that helps monitor usage and maintenance times.
  • Setup the scanner's timer to determine times for automatic power-up/ power-down for each day of the week.
  • View information on the scanner device in relation to firmware and hardware revisions. The information helps you keep track of your upgrades and is very useful for support purposes.
  • Initiate a scan of the interface bus to control correct connectivity.
  • Turn your machine into a scan-client that can be accessed by any scanner on the network.
  • A scan to net password can be applied to computers functioning as scan to net clients so unauthorized scanning to the scan clients can be avoided.

This Program is part of the WIDEsystem KIT and comes free with a new Calcomp scanner.

WIDEimageNET, JETCopyPRONET are sold separately and are required  to operate the scanner.

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