Frequently Asked Questions

 GTCO Calcomp has established a NEW Product Warranty for all product sales in the continental United States. The GTCO Calcomp standard 24-month warranty is provided with the 24 MONTHS ON-SITE, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to the Customer.  Support is provided by GTCO CalComp Corp.  or their authorized agent. GTCO Calcomp has also established a  HELP DESK.  Help Desk support is offered to properly registered end-users of GTCO Calcomp Products and is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM – Local Time.  Support is provided for all CURRENT scanner models and all GTCO Calcomp software products.

What is included in the standard Calcomp Scanner Warranty?

The Warranty that is provided with every GTCO CalComp Scanner is (24) months, “On Site”.   This on-site service is contracted through GTCO CalComp Corp. and is offered on all current scanner models – at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.  GTCO CalComp Corp. Help Desk support for both hardware and software is also included at no additional charge for registered end-users. GTCO CalComp may offer special pricing or promotions on units with only a one year warranty.

 U.S. Customers call - 1-800-328-5901 for tech support

Will I be notified with the Warranty details and options?

Yes!   An information card is included inside each scanner crate that describes the new standard warranty - including GTCO CalComp Corp. support phone numbers.  In addition, GTCO CalComp Corp. will send a welcome letter directly to each registered end-user.

What is not included in the Warranty?

 Some parts that are considered by Calcomp to be consumables, including lamps, glass plates, white background plates, belts and rollers are excluded.  Integration services and on-site software support services are available – but ARE NOT included in the standard warranty.  These services can be provided by GTCO CalComp Corp., but at an additional charge.  A complete description of each GTCO CalComp Corp. Service Offering is available that includes specific details of each service and any related restrictions.  Contact your Distributor for more details.

What are the Warranty exclusions?

Unless otherwise specified, GTCO CalComp Corp. warrants most scanners and spare parts to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase (delivery date) by the ultimate user, provided that the machine is used in a normal way and according to GTCO CalComp Corp.’s instructions.  The limited warranty does not include service to repair damage from improper installation, external electrical fault, accident, disaster, misuse, abuse, or modifications to the product, which have not been approved by Calcomp.  The warranty does not cover parts affected by normal wear and tear (Lamps, rubber rollers etc.).

 GTCO CalComp Corp. shall consider the warranty void if the product is moved from the original site, if the intent is to continue to move the product.  This service does not cover damage to the product prior to or during product installation.  Installation or resolution of hardware/ software contention or conflict with the computer, network, or other adapters within the host system or computer or other integration services are excluded.  Damage caused by fault or negligence of the user, improper or unauthorized use of, or attempt to repair, the equipment by user or others, or causes external to the equipment or part thereof such as, but not limited to, power failure, catastrophe or unusual environmental conditions are excluded.

How do I obtain Warranty support?
For On-Site Service or Help Desk Support, call GTCO CalComp Corp. Calls placed to Calcomp for support are automatically forwarded to GTCO CalComp Corp.’s Help Desk line.
What about Software Support?

Software support provided by the Help Desk is designed to handle installation and operation issues, related to Nextmage, JETimage, WIDEsystem, WIDEmail and WIDEcapture. 

 Detailed software support and training is available ON-SITE as “Special Operator Training”.  Pricing for this service is available on request, and includes a 4-hour detailed training session, plus related travel and living expenses.

What is the help desk for ??
In their effort to provide a consistent support channel for all Calcomp end-users, Calcomp has worked with GTCO CalComp Corp. to establish a phone based technical service that is available weekdays, between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time.  The Help Desk is staffed by technicians that have been trained by Calcomp.  Support is provided for all current Calcomp Scanner models, as well as Calcomp software applications, including  Nextimage, WIDEsystem, WIDEmail, JETimage and WIDEcapture.  Help Desk support is provided free of charge to properly registered end-users.
When exactly does the Manufacturers Warranty begin?
The effective START DATE of the Warranty is the date that the end-user takes delivery of the scanner, as confirmed by the Bill of Lading.  Installation date IS NOT the warranty start date.
How long should it take to get service?

For on-site services, an eight (8) hour average response time in major metropolitan areas on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. local time, is provided.  Help Desk Support is provided on weekdays between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. local time.   Three-business day response time is provided for Alaska areas outside of Anchorage and for Hawaiian Islands outside of Oahu and remote areas in the United States and Canada.

Are Extended Warranties available?

YES!  Extended Warranties through 5 years are available.  These extended warranties provide On-Site support, as well as Help Desk and Software Support. 

What are the 36 Month On-Site Warranty Upgrades?
There is a 36 month On-Site Warranty Upgrade available for all current scanner models for all U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii). This  warranty upgrade includes access to the GTCO CalComp Corp. HELP DESK for both hardware and software support, and is designed to extend the NEW and included 24-month on-site warranty for an additional 12 months, thereby providing 36 months of on-site protection.  (Contact your Distributor for remote location/zone prices.)   If upgrade is purchased at time of scanner purchase no inspection is required.  Purchase after that date will require GTCO CalComp Corp. inspection.
How do I purchase the  36  month on-site Warranty Upgrades?
Call us at ScanTastik at 1-800-977-4935.
Can I buy longer than 36 month coverage ?

Yes!  Additional years starting at month 37 may be purchased from your Distributor. 

 If ordering Extended On-Site Warranty coverage on a scanner not currently covered by an GTCO CalComp Corp. on-site warranty, a pre-unit inspection service call, by a trained GTCO CalComp Corp. Service Technician, is necessary to qualify the scanner. The time-and-material inspection fee will be waived if the unit is in acceptable operating condition AND an Extended Warranty Service Plan is purchased at the time of the inspection service call.

 If extended warranty coverage is purchased at time of scanner purchase or within 1 year after receipt of the scanner, no inspection is required.  Purchase after that date will require GTCO CalComp Corp. inspection.

What happens if I need service after the initial 24 months on- site coverage expires and before the expiration of the Standard Warranty period, and I did not purchase the 36-month Warranty Upgrade?
The end-user has the option to either return the scanner to depot for repair, or elect to pay GTCO CalComp Corp. for their labor to repair the scanner on-site.   If the end-user decides to pay GTCO CalComp Corp. to come on-site, then Calcomp will replace all covered parts at “no charge” during the standard warranty period.  Calcomp must approve all returns, IN ADVANCE, through the issuance of a Return Material Authorization, specifically from Calcomp.
How do I order Installation Services or On-Site Software Training?

GTCO CalComp Corp. Support services may be ordered from your Distributor.  You will be asked to provide detailed information including installation address and location of scanner, contact name and phone number, scanner model and serial number, requested installation or service date and time. 

Is it possible to obtain support for an “out-of-warranty” product?

Yes! Time & Material rates and pricing is available from GTCO CalComp Corp., and GTCO CalComp Corp.’s Help Desk Support is available, via approved credit card, at the current rates.    These services may be purchased directly from GTCO CalComp Corp.. (Rates subject to change without notice.)

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