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Nextimage Scan and Copy
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Nextimage Scan
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Nextimage Scan and Copy
Nextimage is a complete wide format scanning and copying tool.  It brings all your imaging tasks into one user-friendly interface, creating the perfect link between your scanner, digital storage, and printer.  Intuitive and powerful, the software solution unlocks the full potential of your GTCO CalComp scanner with integrated scan, cop and file functionality.


Image Enhancement
Nextimage software delivers a complete set of tools to ensure image quality for both archival and printing. Never before has it been so easy to get professional results - with minimal adjustment.

ICC Color Management
Nextimage supports ICC/ICM profiles. It can embed ICC profiles in scanned files, whether it is JPG, JPEG 2000 or TIFF, preserving colors when files are loaded into other applications.You can also use ICC/ICM profiles to manage colors when making copies with Nextimage.

Closed Loop Calibration (CLC)
Nextimage also comes with built-in closed loop calibration for managing colors when making copies. The CLC wizard helps you create a media profile that is optimized for the individual media in the printer. Simply print a reference pattern on your printer, and then scan it to create the perfect relationship between your scanner and printer.

Intelligent Sharpen/Smoothing Filters
Nextimage is loaded with new image processing options. One of these is the smart new Smoothen filter that intelligently removes pattern noise without blurring the edges in the original. Combine it with the sharpen algorithm to get razor sharp results with smooth noiseless colors.

New Adaptive Thresholding Algorithm

Nextimage also comes with a newly developed B&W algorithm that combines background cleaning and preservation of grayscales in one mode. Use it for both clean new originals and for low contrast blueprints.
Nearly every feature or function of Nextimage software has been designed to make the scanner and user more productive - Less searching for the right settings, less adjustment to get the right quality, and less waiting to view results.

New Preview/Detail View Function

The new way of previewing your scans gives you a real-time view of all your image adjustments. For example, you can do a fast preview of the full original for cropping or color levels. You can even select several 1:1 "detail views" of different areas of the document and quickly switch between them to see the effects of your adjustments - all without re-scanning the document

Improved Customized Presets

Nextimage gives you extensive possibilities of configuring and storing different workflows. All settings related to an operation can be stored, and you can specify groups of settings to be included in the preset. This flexibility allows you to store both general purpose and very specialized setups.

New Auto-naming Templates

As part of the productivity oriented Batch features, you can setup templates for both folder and file names. These templates can also be stored as part of the workflow presets together with image adjustments to form a complete setup.

New Multi-frame Tool

If you need to select multiple regions in a single original, the new Multi-frame tool will help you speed up your work. Simply place multiple selections in the preview, and Nextimage will generate separate files from each frame
Nextimage connects to your network! Share the scanner with other workstations and print to your existing network printers. 

Wide Range of included "Application Printer Drivers"
Included with Nextimage you get an extensive list of optimized drivers for large format printers. These drivers surpass normal Windows printer drivers in both speed and ease of use, when working with variable large formats. The Application Printer Drivers are automatically used instead of the normal driver.

Improved Windows Printer Driver Support

Nextimage also has full support for normal Windows printer driver, allowing you to change paper sizes, quality and more in a fast and convenient way.

Use Scanners on the Network

Nextimage supports Calcomp network scanners, allowing you to share a scanner between multiple PCs. This can be very convenient in offices where space only allows for one scanner

Nextimage Scan is part of the WIDEsystem KIT and
comes free with a new Calcomp scanner.

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