The Calcomp SP7-HD954

54" Large Format Scanner

With exclusive 24 month on site warranty !!

Base Model

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$ 27,900

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Plus Model

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The SP7-HD954 54"
Large Format Scanner

new 54" large format scanner

The SP7-HD954 54 wide-format color scanner incorporates the latest and best in imaging technology for high-quality full color scanning and copying of the largest formats.  The scanner’s 54” imaging area handles very large color posters, architectural sketches, detailed maps, drawings and fine art at very highs speeds. The SP7-HD954 offers unlimited possibilities for professional imaging services, Reprographics, Graphic Arts, GIS and CAD.  The SP7-HD954 is a powerful tool and the perfect solution for Sign Companies, Pre-press shops, Copy shops, POP/Exhibit/Display Providers, Repro Houses, Mapping, Architect and Engineer offices.

Scan Plus 7 HD954 Features

  • Very wide imaging area - scans A0/E landscape formats
  • Fast color and monochrome scanning speeds
  • High Precision Color is captured at 48 bit for photo-realistic vivid colors
  • 16 bit gray-tone capture for perfect reproduction of gray shades
  • Scan accuracy of 0.1% +/- 1 pixel with ALE technology
  • Specially designed All-Wheel-Drive for guiding wide originals
  • Scans thick media—up to 0.6” (15mm.)
  • Automatic Thick Media Adjustment Control (ATAC)
  • Replaceable parts to bring down service costs
  • Scan to PDF format option
  • Scan to network, also across the Internet
  • 3C Automatic Maintenance SystemColor matching to printer & media
  • Advanced options for printing of gray shades
  • Built-in basic calibration—black & white points
  • Built-in precision color calibration
  • Two-year on-site service (USA only)
High Precision Color
The SP7-HD954’s on-board real time color correction and 2D-filters for color sharpening, softening and blur provide superior results with a wide variety of input images. Color is captured at 48 bits for maximum color precision, passing the best 24 bits of color data to the computer to enhance color fidelity.  The unique 3C Automatic Maintenance system lets you calibrate in the field at any time ensuring stabile and predictable color output. The SP7-HD954 is calibrated to both sRGB and NTSC color spaces using an ANSI IT8 calibration target.  The SP7-HD954 supports the latest in monochrome scanning technology with Dual 2D-Adaptive enhancement. All processing is embedded in the hardware enabling you to perform powerful image enhancement and at very high speeds, much faster than performed by a PC.
One Touch Scanning
The SP7-HD954’s operator panel, designed with convenient programmable action buttons, can initiate common tasks directly from the scanner. Each button immediately activates a scan and opens the image in an appropriate application and format. The scanner is equipped with action buttons for scanning, copying and e-mailing originals and can be reconfigured for other tasks.
SP7-HD954 54" Color Scanner Model BASE PLUS
Maximum Resolution: (in dpi) 1200 9600
Optical Resolution: (in dpi) 508 508
Scan Accuracy: 0.1% +- 1 pixel X X
Scan Speed: 24 bit color (inches per second) 1.5" /s 3.0"/s
Scan Speed: 8 bit Index color 3.0"/s 3.0"/s
Scan Speed: B/W scans 12.0"/s 12.0"/s
Media Maximum Width: 56" (1092 mm.) X X
Media Maximum Thickness: 0.60" ( 15mm) X X
Number of CCDs 4 4
CCD Type RGB Triplets &
Panchromatic B/W
RGB Triplets &
Panchromatic B/W
Capture (color/gray) 48/16 Bits 48/16 Bits
Interface Options USB2.0 xDTR X X
Scan Width: 54 Inches X X
The SP7-HD954 is available in two configurations, a BASE version and a PLUS version. The base version can be upgraded to the PLUS version using Calcomp’s unique Smartcard Technology.  The SP7-HD954 scanner supports ME, 2000 and XP platforms.

Download the brochure and technical specifications

Calcomp HD954 54" Scanner Package includes:

WIDEsystem Kit - tools CD, paper guides, cleaning cloth, mouse pad, scanner maintenance folder, USB 2.0 cable, power cable, dust cover, quick start guide, Nextimage scanning software and a two year on-site warranty.

Download an all model spec comparison chart

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SP7-HD954 54"
 Basic Package

List Price
$ 27,900

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SP7-HD954 54"
 PLUS Package

List Price
$ 29,900

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Calcomp SP7-HD954 54" scanner support stand with paper catch basket.


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Calcomp SP7-HD954 54" scanner EXIT Media support tray


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Calcomp JETImage Net Version copy software List
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